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Vine arrows

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  • Vine arrows

    I think it would be cool if,
    The sound vine arrows make is softer, to make it easier to stylishly slip away wih a vine, (right now it sounds like a rusty winch) and/or make the vines invisible in shadows to guards.
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    I think guards really need to have a chance of being aware of them and they also deserve a chance at stealing them.
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      What's the use of this ?
      Vines are often used to reach the rooves , where thieves are invisible. Do you think in real life a rope would be unnoticed ? It's a matter of speed here : if you climb it fast enough and retrieve it at the right time , the guard can't follow you (or will even crater ; it's also possible to mario him)
      But there should be mantle-from-rope supported imho (it takes several tries most of the time , and can make you crater)
      Vine arrows seem to be fine for now.