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Finish Thievery 1.5 first and here's why..

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  • Finish Thievery 1.5 first and here's why..

    If you guys finish Thievery 1.5 being the final release and all, you can score a review with many websites. I'd try my hardest to get you guys on since the editors there are pretty active and cool. They let you share your opinion even if you bash em as long as you do not violate the rules.

    Finishing one project is better than having three unfinished projects. That just reminds me I heard you guys were finishing up Alien Swarm so that sounds good. Perhaps that is what you should get done, and then move on to Thievery.

    I know you guys are a young company, but contacting Ionstorm for a possible Thief Multiplayer expansion couldn't hurt. Thievery is golden guys and no mod out there can match it's potential.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    :rolls eyes:

    Thievery is for the most part finished. A few mappers are working out some map tweaks, but other than that 1.4 is TUT (maybe one or two new maps actually...). After Alien Swarm is released I'd expect the team to polish it up with a patch or two and then really hit NB hard. A patch for TUT will most likely be between the patches for AS and the release of NB if I had to guess.


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      someone said (can't remember who but it's on the forums somewhere) that it will go Alien Swarm TuT1.5 then Night-Blade - and imo it better or else!
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