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Is it just me or is Crackaz public down?

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  • Is it just me or is Crackaz public down?

    I don't see the server..
    No non-passworded dedicated server at that.
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    Everything's down.

    It's strange how everything just grinds to a halt... I suggest unpasswording the ToB private server for use as a pub until things get going again.
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      Hate when that happens.

      Switched over mine (ToB Practice) to public for the moment in all its cable provided glory. Note that my IP has been a little flaky of late (something about maintenance), so lag, especially when slow or distant connections are present should be expected. Was also having some PC problems but think I got that fixed over the past couple of days.

      Server will be private during regularly scheduled ToB practice times (Friday, Saturday, Monday nights as I recall)
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        I'm sure Grank touched it. You can kiss the CTG server goodbye!


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          Brody said he would put up a server while the CTG server is down.


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            somewhat off topic...

            Crackaz is up now, but it's not appearing on my ASE. Anyone else having this problem?


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              When the servers do eventually appear, put them in your favorites, I see the CrkZ does that all the time. It's not on the main listing, but, it is in my favorites. Get in that way.