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Whistler bug?

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  • Whistler bug?

    I was having fun in aquatone amusement park, placing whistlers and that happy stuff guards are fond in, and happened that i dropped a whistler by a vent and it went off. I picked it up right away because we were still spawning so it was kind of unfair, and the whistler remained lit all the game.

    Next game in Flats i tried to replicate it but not that people were interested in trying that (got help from a couple of thieves, though, but not thorough testing). I couldn't replicate it because i couldn't pick up the active whistler as i did in Aquatone. The thief picked up the whistler a couple of times too, but not when it was active (he managed to pick it up without firing it because they have an activation time after dropping, am i right?

    Just letting you know that can happen.

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    I get this too.


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      It's happened to me before,

      I suspect its a network problem where occassionaly the call to turn off the whistler, doesn't make it along with all the other things that have to be replicated & so the whistler is never told to turn off.

      It's nothing to do with being picked up, it's just the light source is never disabled with the rest of the whistler & so you can carry it around while it's still lit.


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        Yep, that. Never happened to me before, though, and i'm a compulsive whistler buyer. Just to piss off thieves, they run away like hell when they hear one, thinking the whole area will be mined, caltropped and guarded to death.


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          Yeah it's very commen. I put out the whistler with my water arrow, pick it up at almost the same time, and the damn thing keep lighted. Ah well ....'atleast the guards can see where i trew it ( mainly on roofs :p )
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            OT: My favorite spot to stick the whistler as a thief is that fan vent in Aquatone. Those guards will never get it back! :twisted: