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  • I'm impressed!

    Well done guys and girls!

    This mod really captures the Thief feeling.
    Great architecture, its easy to tell you guys are fans.
    Its also good to see Thief with better graphics and textures, although being a UT mod it does take me some time to get used to the guards being muscle bound and strutting around like they are snobs. Funny!

    I've wanted to play multiplayer Thief ever since I first played the originals. I bought Unreal Tournament just for this mod and I feel it wasn't a waste of money at all.

    I find it very hard to play in single player mode without alerting guards. They seem to have incredible hearing. I'm often creeping along in the shadows and the guard will hear me (don't know how) and throw a flare or whatever. Could this please possibly be fixed in a future release or patch?


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    try lowering the ai skill level, you may have it set to genius or clever, then after you play for a while you
    can set it back to clever. Most servers run ai at clever
    but for single player set it as low as you're comfortable
    with till you get a feel for it.


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      The AI in Thievery is much harder than in the original Thief games. It takes much practice to learn, but it's rewarding. And it keeps on being challenging (compared to Thiefs), even with more experienced players.
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