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How about a Mac osX launcher??

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  • How about a Mac osX launcher??

    Hi there!

    I wonder if a mac thievery launcher could be realease one day... Actually, as we can't play thief on mac, I think it would be great to play Thievery !!! I play it on my second computer, which is a PC and I'm very impressed by this mod, it kickass!

    If I copy all the thievery files on my mac, could it be possible to play it? Maybe with a small script, or something with X11...

    As UT is a crossplateforms game, I'm sure that it could be possible to make your mod working on Mac, the mac gamers will sure appreciate!

    Thanks in advance!

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    No. It's not possible

    Thievery uses DLLs as libraries, a native windows thing. Mac OSX, being UNIX based, uses elf style libraries: totally incompatible.

    I've been bugging the thievery devs to make a linux port for quite some time, as I use linux as my primary OS, however, I don't think it'll ever happen.

    Try running a windows emulator.


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      Well, thanks anyway....

      I was thinking that it was possible to do the same as Tactical ops, which is a cross plateforms total conversion for UT...