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Novel idea for thievery 1.5

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  • Novel idea for thievery 1.5

    I haven't given up hope on the release of 1.5!!!

    I was thinking(!) that there should be an arrow that when shot at a mine causes it to explode. Cost 70 loot.
    The reason this would be a good idea is for situations when you have to land on a mine but you think there may be 2 or 3 mines on top of eachother.

    Waddya think?
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    I don't think new features are planned for 1.5.

    Moved to the Thievery Suggestions forum anyways.
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      Found your thread Convict. Nice idea, like in the original Thief. Being able to blow up mines.
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        I was wondering where this went to :p

        Anyways, i think a fire arrow can do it (not entirely srue though). Of course, we wouldn't want them to be buyable in normal TvG now, would we?
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          not sure about this one, could be a good idea, but just imagine what you could do to heavily camped areas with this arrow. (Chain reactions)

          I would propose some different ideas to remove mines.

          1. Allow mines to be picked silently, or perhaps just quieter
          2. Allow mines to be picked quicker. They take ages to dismantle atm

          The damage of mines was increased in 1.3, maybe some changes will force guards to use and monitor mines more intelligently.
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