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New Suggestion: Map Vote by Genre

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  • New Suggestion: Map Vote by Genre

    (1) Hopefully, version 1.3 will include a way to initiate votes from a menu instead of the console. But I assume that's an old issue.

    (2) Much of the discussion in "general and strategy" is about genres of maps. In particular, is it an "objective-based" map like Korman or a "loot-based" map like flats. Some people prefer one genre, and other people prefer the other.


    There should be a way to map-vote by this genre. Let people nominate if the next map is "objective-based" or "loot-based", but within those categories the selection is random.

    (Yes, this assumes a few maps minimum per genre.)

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    I think there aren't enough maps to do this.


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      I kindof first thought when you said "genre" that you'd mean:

      Snowy (Folly), Mansion (Grange), Town (Flats), Mechanical (Aquatone) & so on

      Ie. refer to maps that look like they are based in the same time-period & geographical location

      I wouldn't mind the above, but grouping them by objectives isn't really worthwhile


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        Yeah, not enough maps yet.

        But I like the menu-based map vote idea. Two items: changemap and nextmap.
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