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New Suggestion: Something akin to pickpocketing

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  • New Suggestion: Something akin to pickpocketing

    All the 1.2 maps seem to have only 2 kinds of objectives:
    (a) loot
    (b) an object in a (perhaps random) place

    I now propose a new kind of objective: an item carried by all the guards.

    Maybe they are cloth "favors" worn on the guards' belts as tokens from the ladies they court, and the thieves are trying to disgrace that noble family by stealing all but 1 or 2 and escaping.

    Maybe they are keys, which as many door types as guards, but which guards have which keys?

    Maybe the map is a fancy dress ball, and the thieves are trying to shame the hostess by sneaking up to each guard and painting a big red x on his back.

    Whatever. Just to throw in a new twist to the game...

    And, naturally, this type of objective can certainly be mixed with the other two types.

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    Absolutely. The only issue is pickpocketing human guards, who know that they have something that the thieves need, could be extremely hard. Also knocking out and killing guards could cause a problem.
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      Pickpocketing cleanly would prove challenging, because all human guards run instead of walking. Could be difficult to balance too because if they have some objective and they just hide in a room and trap the entrances, thieves couldn't get in for a pickup.

      I like the idea, though. Just would need some more tweaking.


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        hmm. maybe have it be certain missions are different?

        for example: you are going to disgace their family. do not kill the guard, but feel free to ko.

        however, another mission may be: the guards are carrying directions to the location of a special treasure. if they know for sure a thief took it, they will move it. do not ko or kill the guard.

        or better yet. just have it so certain NPC carry it.


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          Yea, I think one_gundam_war and Mr. K. have it right.

          Because human guards normally run instead of walk, all that would be feasible would be AI guards carrying items.

          This would require a new guard type: AI, Human, and AI-Carrier. The AI-Carrier would be the same as an AI except that (1) a Human could not inhabit it and (2) it would not receive orders from a Human player.

          Since the AI-Carrier would not receive orders, if the map designer had it patrolling then it could be "guarded" but not ordered to camp.

          The AI-Carrier(s) could have a needed item(s), or simply key(s) that are not vital but help the thieves.


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            Problem : guards may try to piss the AI off by slashing it or burning it with firebolts , to disturb its patrol or lure it to a camping room. They may attempt to physically eliminate it by blowing whistlers , luring spiders , or pushing it into water or other painzones.


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              My , guards are a bunch of morons that only want to ruin the gameplay with their l33t tricks! :grin:


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                Pickpocket could work if the guards would not be able to see if they have something on their belt or not.


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                  Guard1: Hey... didn't you have a key?
                  Guard2: Yeah I do, it's right... oh taff.
                  Thief: MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!111