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New Idea: Meta-game objects

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  • New Idea: Meta-game objects

    This is probably a stupid idea. But with version 1.3 approaching I might as well say it...

    How about some "items" that affect the rules. These "meta-game" objects might do things like:

    (a) a 300 gold guard object that, when bought, gives the next spawned guard 300 extra gold

    (b) an expensive guard object that, when bought, allows subsequent guard spawns to carry extra whistlers, etc.

    (c) an expensive thief object that, when dropped in the game, creates a new thief spawn point that all subsequent thief spawns can use vote to accept/deny

    (d) an "Schrodinger's Objective" with a random set of x locations of varying degrees of difficulty for the thieves -- but until it is found or (x-3) locations are examined either thieves or guards can spend gold to move it to other un-examined and more favorable locations

    (e) as (d) but with one or more keys, not objectives

    (f) spending to increase/decrease the time limit

    (g) a guard expense that decreases movement speed but makes the helmet last forever

    Ok, enough. You get the idea. Maybe someone can build on this so that people with different preferred playing styles can "buy" influence/effectiveness for their style instead of impotently whining.

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    The items that beef up a future spawn are probably a bad idea. With them being as expensive as you have them, the player won't have much equipment as it is, and knowing that their next spawn is going to be so much better, there's not much incentive not to suicide. You also end up with the problem of those later spawns being vastly overpowered.

    There may be coding problems with the "droppable thief spawn" - I'm not sure, but I know the spawn points all have to be set in the map when it's made. Interesting idea, though.

    Any kind of thief objective that is moveable by guards destroys balance. Right now, the set objectives aren't moveable by guards, to keep them from moving them to somewhere impossible to get, or dumping them off the map completely.

    Spending wars on time limits is probably not a good idea, but who knows?

    And it is my personal opinion that the helmet should be permanent anyway, without additional expenditure or loss of movement.