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  • Demoing...

    Read on, this is pretty interesting.

    I was demoing a game in single player to try and find all the bugs with demoing. Well, I think it's good news. Check out the first demo, 'notonline.rar'
    In this demo you can use your hotkeys. You can change behindview without typing it in the console. YOu can use the f1 and f2 keys. Maybe this is just on my computer which is why i'd like for someone to test them out on their computer. those that can't use .rar)

    Okay, the second demo was done when i hosted a server online and started recording a demo. Interesting results for me. It appears the the old UT gui was up. some1 please test this on they pc and confirm it! This is really great if it works for you! because now you'll be able to 'spectate' while using a demo! you can choose which players to follow and you don't have to be looking at one place all the time! it's just like being a real spectator! some1 check this out quick!

    Note: When demoing these I used 640 x 480 resolution. When I tried to play the demos in 1024 x ??? resolution, I came across some problems. Particulary problems with models and a 'slomo' problem. Tell me if you get the same errors!

    Edit: I have found out that you can begin demoing anytime in-game and those dum buttons won't be in the way! I'm trying to figure out why this has never worked before. Suspected reason is the resolution?

    Edit: Nope. Resolution dosne't seem to effect it when recording it.
    In single player, start recording the demo before you choose a team.
    Online, start the demo at anytime and have no problems.(This is very strange though I've never seen this happen before. perhaps it has to do with the 1.4 on crackaz instead of the 1.4 beta? prob not.)

    Could someone ever my server and demo something to see if it's just me? Thanks.

    Edit:This thing also is in the console after I finish playing a demo. It says: "Bad Button Command." Wonder what this is all about.

    Edit: I tried something different this time. I ran a dedicated server and joined it. I began demoing and my THAUX crashed the next second. I tried this several times and the same result. SO, maybe this weird demoing thing with the UT gui only happens when you're on your own non-dedicated server? more experimenting will explain!

    Just think! If we could get this kind of demoing in normal games or special matches or even the ToD or TurfWars! This would be awesome! I think we need to have some more looking into this!
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    Just download and play this one. YOu can even spectate the AI! O_O;

    First, extract the .dem file from the .rar
    Second, put the .dem file into your UT system folder
    Next, start up thievery.
    Start up the console.
    Type in the console: demoplay online3

    Tell me if it works for you! Can you spec other players? Do you like it?

    Edit: So...anyone know why this happened/happens? Never happened before.
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      yeah, i played that, and it came up normally, but i could hear your every move (including picking up loot). I can spec other players, but the UT HUD comes up. Not really too annoying, really.

      And that you had your name as player1?
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        Originally posted by Radamanthus
        And that you had your name as player1?
        Yeah, name was player1

        Edit: I'm going to experiment with a LAN game now.

        Edit: Played a LAN game and demoed it. I setup a non-dedicated server. There was one player in the game, me. When I started demoing "Player" appeared. I'm not sure if player appeared when i started demoing or when I was put onto a team. (I think it was when i was put onto a team) Well, you can download the demo here. Spamslayer and I were just moving around.
        I found that you can go 1st or 3rd person when watching the demo. *BUT* You can only see what the person demoing the game sees. For example: I demoed the game, in 1st person spectating me you can see everywhere that i looked. In 1st person spectating equity or any other ai or player you don't see what they see, you see a fixed 1st person view. That dosen't matter a WHOLE lot, seeing as you can just spec 3rd person which is very nice. Maybe some other people can experiment and see what they find?

        When I try to demo using my dedicated server, Thievery crashes for me. Something about a ticker (beats me).

        Latest demo with LAN: (1.09 megs)
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          you can 1st person spectate in exactly the same fashion while ingame. Just press f6 (or f5.. not sure which).

          and a ticker can mean almsot anythign wiht the Unreal engine. could you be more specific?
          "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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            Yes, you can spectate 1st person but it will only work properly when you are spectating the person who made the demo.

            This is the error I get when I try to demo using a dedicated server:


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              Assetion failed? never heard that before.

              Best i can say is it's trying to update you on what it's doing (like in the logs) but it can't because ther server won't let it or something. dunno really.
              "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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                If I'm not much mistaken, NetMode 3 is listenserver...

                [edit] Or Client, if enums start at 0 (which they probably do). [/edit]

                Also, a demo recorded on a dedicated server would miss out on a lot of trivialities, like sounds and effects, since they don't require spawning on the server.
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                  I ran the demorec command from the dedicated server's console and it worked. So I guess clients can't record? No, that dosen't seem right at all because I have demoed games online before! Is it just me or did demoing work better in earlier versions of thievery? Would a server lag significantly more if it were a listen server instead of a dedicated and it was making a demo?


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                    Depends on the server. With most servers, a server's update rate depends on its framerate, up 'til the point where the frame deltatime (time since last frame) reaches the tick execution time (can't be faster than either). So a server with a slow GPU would have much higher tickrates when dedicated, as it doesn't have to render anything.


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                      Creating demos as a client is hit or miss, usually miss. You normally either crash immediately, after a few minutes, or at the end of the round(before map change). It's very rare to get even a few minutes before a crash.
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                        What makes it random?


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                          We don't know - it's random after all.
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