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The crime and the time?

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  • The crime and the time?

    Hi Thievery server admins. My bann on Brodys was for mis conduct. Then came the accusation of me being the person who posted racial insults on the boards. I was not the only one accused. There were two others.

    No matter how angry I use to get, posting such a thing is not in my nature. Please consider the possibility that it was not me who posted that. As of today, close to a year has passed since this happend. Being back on the boards is great. Thats all.

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    It's not just this once tho is it? It's a string of complaints over the period of over 6 months, and time and time again you've been let off and forgiven, you've had chance after chance and any exception made for you would have knock on effects for other banned people, which I'm pretty sure nobody wants to hear.

    By all means, plead and ask for forgiveness... but my opinion is that your not missed on the servers... in fact they are a better place without you.


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      You've been told no every time you've asked. You've never been given any indication that there would ever be any answer other than no. Take the hint.

      Conversation over.