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New Suggestion: Countdown Staggered by Item Spawns

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  • New Suggestion: Countdown Staggered by Item Spawns

    On some maps (such as Loki's and Aquatone) the guards have a storeroom. Other maps (such as Flats) have a room with thief tools.

    Why not allow map designers to make a map in which having a game go long is a threat to one team?

    For example, a "guard the house" map might be given an extra 10 minutes, but during these 10 minutes the guards' storeroom gets more items spawned with increasing frequency and power. (It might start with a helmet and caltrops, and progress to many firebolts every few seconds.)

    Or on a "protect the shrine until the priest completes his ritual" map the guards might fear how during the last few minutes the thieves are getting extra items (again, fewer and wimpier at the start).

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    Guard item spawn room will kill ghosters.

    Thievery respawn room will leave guards no choice but to rush, and slaughter the thieves outside their spawn.

    Either way, not much fun.


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      True, but again these items spawns only happen after the time limit "should have ended".

      In effect, why not let a mapper add some sort of post-game last-chance sudden-death-overtime sort of gameplay instead of simply ending the game? Sure, most maps would not benefit from it. But some could.