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New Suggestion (?): Guard-Hopping Matrix Style

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  • New Suggestion (?): Guard-Hopping Matrix Style

    Unused guard lives are more "vulnerable" than thief lives because the guard AIs are in play and able to be blackjacked or killed.

    One way to balance this was already suggested: make a second pool of guard lives beyond that which is in play. For example, the guards might have 10 lives with 5 being in play as AI and 5 simply "in the void" like thief lives.

    Here's another suggestion: allow human guards who talk to AI guards to set these additional options:
    (1) If the AI enters the "suspicious of a thief" state I jump to control that AI.
    (2) If the AI takes damage I jump to control that AI.

    Naturally, only the human who has chosen one of these most recently receives the benefit. The guard-body vacated would simply revert to being an AI guard. The inventories would be exchanged.

    The result? Something that is hopefully easy to progam, but makes the risk of alerting an AI much more serious because a human might suddenly be there!


    True, a human using this might be chasing a thief and really not want to jump to an AI guard's body at that moment. The easy solution is simply to say, "Then don't use the new feature."

    The harder solution would be to add a new keybind for "jump guard body", and the triggered "switching" merely brings up a message saying something like "One of your AI guards reports an emergency! Press [key] to respond." Besides adding another keybind, or the awkwardness of using an existing keybind in a new way, this would require keeping track of which AI guard is most recently calling for aid (necessary if a human guard has set the trigger for more than one AI guard, and more than one sense a crisis during the wait for the key-pressing).


    And if the scouting orb ever gets programmed, it might be possible to have HUD views from the "switching body enabed" AI guards!

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    Which would end up in tons of humans always being around the thieves. Even more unfair because humans would instantly know a thief is around. What would be the point of the transparency system then? Guards would just plainly flarescan or shadowlash around and GG.

    People talk like guards were at a disadvantage, yet guards win almost twice as much as thieves (at least in Mog's server, balanced teams with at least 3 players per team). Even more, with a reduced blackjack radius in 1.3 there are less guard casualties to be expected (at least the ones derived from combat BJ. For normal BJing in the dark, well, that's what the tool is suppoussed to do, isn't it?)

    I think this idea would be cool if guards needed more help to win, but as things are now (and with the expected evolution of the game) i don't think they need any more help.


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      -Genius guards can hear the slightest sound (even footsteps on carpets) and become immediately alert. This feature may be used if the new AIs are good enough to be set under that "perfect" level on public servers.
      -The AI orders would be removed all the time (players don't know when they inhabit a camping AI)
      -Lag might be a huge issue... imagine the flow of data needed to inhabit an AI.
      -At last , it would mess up the loadouts (crossbow only for a swordman and mace for an archer...) if they're exchanged.

      If AIs and players could inherit their current state (weapons ammo items helmet blinded cracked ect) then player may switch to the guard they want in normal time. Alertness would simply give higher priorities to the AIs for "random switch"...

      There's an other problem with this feature. Seeing one chatting stupid AI changing into an ├╝berskilled silent player... it would be so ridiculous.


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        Matrix style? How about if guards can swing around things, speed up and slow down time, and dodge bullets? Also, they would have to wear black trenchcoats and say "Whoa!" all the time.


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          And do we get sunglasses too? My, i'm starting to really like it!


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            Of course, every map must have an extremely hard to achieve easter egg that makes a thief The-One, and hence invinceable.

            oh, and I don't like the idea.


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              I don't like this idea either - probably a bugger to program and would give too much of an advantage to guards
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                Yea, you all are right. After I've thought about it some more I realized that it would make camping objectives with AI too powerful. And thieves would stock up on crack arrows in ridiculous proportion.

                It might still work (just maybe) on maps such as Flats that don't have much objective-camping. But those maps are few, and hardly worth the trouble to impliment this.