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Ghost Thieves Need Some Lovin'

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  • Ghost Thieves Need Some Lovin'

    I'd like 1.3 to have some things that would encourage the ghost community to continue their heroic efforts.

    Silence Potion: Same effect as catfall without the soft landing. One of the popular uses of catfall is to run quietly. I'd like catfall to no longer do the silence part put have a potion of Silence that not only causes people to run quietly but lockpick quietly as well. (Doors should still make noise, however)

    BJ to Cost 250: Allow the BJ to have a cost so ghosters can spend money on ghostly type supplies.

    FootStep Arrows: The effectiveness of these MUST be increased. They could be a great way to counter camped AI in tight situations. Have the exact sound of the footsteps vary and be random.

    Objectives: Each fixed "must have" objective should have 2 if not 3 doors or windows to get at it and they should be in a room that is at least medium in size.
    This is objectives like the map on Skelstonhead or a ruby in the Rectory on Korman. This would not include the crypts ruby which can spawn in any number of places.

    Thief Whistler: A small device that provides a distraction in an area 1 minute after placement. Just an idea.

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    I like the way you want more ghosters, but may i ask. Why do we need help?

    I can say that really don't need help. I like that i actualy lose sometimes. Thievery wouldn't be good for me, when i always win as thief or guard. With even more help for ghosters ... the fun is gone. I like the way ghosting is right now, thats why i ghost.

    But thanks anyways
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      Originally posted by PhaeThorn
      With even more help for ghosters ... the fun is gone. I like the way ghosting is right now, thats why i ghost.
      Hmm, I have to agree with Phaethorn: Giving ghosters even more of an advantage would make them nearly impossible to defeat.
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        I'll again state the only two things I want:

        1) Lockpicking has an option to take longer and be quieter. Much quieter.

        2) Doors can be opened slowly, or thieves can buy grease.

        I also think it would make sense to make the blackjack purchasable, for 200GP, and give thieves an extra 200 starting loot so they could buy it.

        Making footstep arrows actually effective would be nice, and I'll again suggest having them not make the sound of hitting the surface, just the footsteps. Hell, it's magic, why not? ^_^
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