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Only 1 thief in multiplayer?

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  • Only 1 thief in multiplayer?

    My friends and I can't figure out how to make a server that allows more than one player as a thief. As soon as one of us has joined the theives it says that their team is full. Yes, we're all noobs. HELP!
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    If team balance is on, and there are only three of you playing Thieves versus Guards, this will happen.

    Team balance allows at least one thief, but will not let the the thief team have more players then guards.

    Othere things might be going on, but that seems the most likely with the information given (at least to me).

    Just in case- if you want to play all thieves versus AI guards, try the co-op game type.

    Hope this helps.
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      Good idea, but either there is not team balace setting in TUT or I'm just not seeing it.
      Coop mode is fun, but we want to play a bunch of player thieves vs a bunch of player guards.


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        It's in either THAUX.INI or ThieveryMOD.INI, it's a True/False setting. It cannot be changed from within Thievery. Note that to avoid the teambalance 1 man must join thieves, the round must then begin, then other thieves can join until all the lives are used. If you all join a team before the counter hits zero everybody will be 'balanced'.

        EDIT : It's in ThieveryMOD.INI

        EDIT 2 : For that assistance I request, after you have practiced, you come on the servers ONLINE!


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          If you follow what Machine said, that will allow you to play the round in COOP-style without actually running a COOP server (1-turn off teambalance, 2-only one person joins to get the round started, 3-everyone else joins the team they wish).

          Here is some additional information that I had posted in another thread, regarding running a TUT server. Perhaps it will help you, too:
          Originally posted by Scrawprin
          Are you planning to run a dedicated server or just when all of you get together (listen server, host & play server)?

          This info may help you get some of the basics down regarding dedicated servers. If you do a search for UT servers (not 2003 or 2004) you should find some other excellent information on the how-to's and setups.

          TUT specific:

          UT server info:

          My server is probably one of the more basic servers currently running (I don't run too many "extras" other than custom maps - it's a pretty straight-forward server). Let me know if I can be of more help, but as you undoubtly have already found out, this community is generally very helpful and "n00b friendly".
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            Mach, you can change the team balance (or lack thereof) from within Thievery, but you need to be logged in as an admin.

            Think the command is 'admin set ThieveryMod.ThieveryGameSettings bBalanceTeams' and then 'true/false' case depending on whether or not you want team balance on or off.

            Worked last time I tried it anyway (though, I think that was back in 1.2, but I think it still works...)


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              Im pretty much sure there is an option to turn off team balance in TUT without messing with the ini.

              I know because I recall turning off team balance when I was running an experimental server.
              Serach all options BEFORE you launch the game or create the server. It should be there
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                What if i can change the ThieveryMod.ini as often as i want to, but nothing happens ? ... Strange.
                That's not the only problem i have. No Mapvote, no sounds for Thieves, you know that kind of problems ?


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                  Originally posted by Aixem Lyvis View Post
                  What if i can change the ThieveryMod.ini as often as i want to, but nothing happens ? ... Strange.
                  That's not the only problem i have. No Mapvote, no sounds for Thieves, you know that kind of problems ?
                  Are you running a dedicated server or a listen server? There has been issues in the past with dedicated servers and certain sounds.

                  If you change ThieveryMod while the game is running, many settings won't save because the game itself writes what it has in its current global variables back to the file on exit, so be sure only to edit the file when the game is not running.

                  As far as Balance. One thing that you still must do even if team balance is set to false, is wait till the counter counts down to 0 before joining a certain team. otherwise it will still auto-balance you at the end of the countdown.
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