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What can mages do?

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  • What can mages do?

    Ok, now that Cythes beautiful model is looking about ready, and the question of 'should/will we have mages' is irrelevant. I think there should be a thread specifically about what the mage is going to be able to do. The TUT team can use this as they will, or not.

    So...what should he be able to do? Remember both humans and AI will both probably get a crack at playing him, so the spells have to be reasonable for an AI to use, though there can be exceptions.

    To start, I would like to see all of the different bolts/arrows that we already have included in the mages lineup. A healing spell would be really cool as well. Also, I think it should be a simple system of 'you get x of these spells' and a loadout system that every other class gets - no confusing mana system needed. I know you have your own ideas, so post them here!


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    ya the mages should be cool...and for the spells they could just have scrolls representing a frob the scroll and the spell is cast the scroll is then used kinda reminds me of something i did in a Dromed FM once....
    thats me!---------->


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      So far, I think the only thing that we KNOW they can do, is dodge broadheads, Matrix style....


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        They can summon burricks.


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          They summon Soup Elementals.

          Haven't we had enough topics about this? This is like the 50th one. :grin:
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            What I'd personally like to see is mages who can play on the thieves' side just like on the guards'.


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              Originally posted by Neo
              Haven't we had enough topics about this? This is like the 50th one.
              Yeah, for real. Did I miss something? Are Mages going to be in 1.3? Is someone going to build them into one of their maps? Why are we talking about Mages? The whole idea sounds dumb, IMO.
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                Buho, the mage won't be in 1.3.
                There were mages in thief.
                Thievery is based on thief.
                MAGES IN THIEVEAARY!!


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                  You are talking against yourself here Lurox...