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  • Multi-purpose powder

    I've heard people talking of similar things in different places but I thought I'd put some more ideas for it in:roll: The stuff should be able to be used by guards as forensic powder, showing thieves footprints if applied to the ground where one had walked. You could use it on a door handle to see if a thief had passed through there.
    Another purpose of it would be to throw some down around the edges in a camping situation. If an invisible thief walks through it the powder will be disturbed and/or footprints are made.
    Of course bags could be thrown and the powder would be bright so thieves wouldn't want to get any on them. The bags would explode the powder everywhere if a bolt was fired at it too. So guards would stategically place them.
    Very much an aid to camping guards but it wouldn't be too unbalanced. I think maybe the trail following ability would prove annoying for thieves - having guards creep up on them, but the powder would just have to be priced high. I would like to be seeing guards use it to refind the lost thief that they had been chasing, rather than throwing it about everywhere turning up taffers left right and centre.

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    Good idea, but would be too hard with the UT engine.


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