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The Helm and the Blackjack

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  • The Helm and the Blackjack

    Ok, we've had lots of topics on how to make the helmet worth buying.
    I thought of this idea while driving home tonight (about 10 minutes ago) so it's still pretty raw. This is more for brainstorming purposes than an actual suggestion.

    Basically, I see that the problem is not with the "wtf" KOs but with the "run past and land the KO without even actually facing the guard" ones. Many people (including me) have suggested that the helmet reduce the KO radius from 180 to something much lower. My idea works from the other end of the problem. Ask any player with the slightest experience in run-by KOs and they'll tell you that the trick is to run past and release rather than strafe around facing the guard. Right now guards can be KOed without even being on the aggressing thieves screen. I think we should think about reducing the arc of the BJ swing. Right now it's something like 180, I think it should be halved. How will this make the helmet more useful, you ask? That brings us to stage 2 of the idea. Just like guards have little use for helmets, thieves have little use for non-power swings. I think that first, the power swing should have the animation of the weak swing, and vice versa. (The weak swing should go sideways, the power should come straight down.) The power swing of course has the ability to break through the helmet, but as the power swing would be coming straight down (when you think about it this is really a more powerful position for the arm) the arc would be less than that of the weak swing (maybe around a 30 degree difference). As a final step, make the helmet damn near unbreakable by anything but a power swing (maybe 6 hits)
    The result that I see is that the helmet would become more useful, as it would be impossible for a thief to land run-by KOs, and difficult for him to even hit you in the front. Helmless guards would likewise be at a disadvantage, as the wide/weak bj swing would make them easier to hit.

    I'm sure this idea has many problems, but I thought I'd post it before I forgot about it. Give me whatever feedback you can, and maybe we can make something of this.

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    It actually doesn't sound too bad of an idea in theory.

    Don't know how practical it would be in-game though....


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      wow... I like this. I never thought of switching the animations, and the kewl thing is it makes sense in a real world point of view IMO. I think the straight down would have more power. I imagine myself in real life doing a run-by, I would reach around sideways to hit the back of the head but it wouldn't have much power. If I was going for power I'd swing straight down, similar to using an axe to split wood. Great thinking.
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        Very good idea. Adds much-needed value to the helmet, nerfs blackjack just the right amount.
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