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Proposed Aid to Team Communication: Pointer

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  • Proposed Aid to Team Communication: Pointer

    OK, I'll admit that this doesn't happen very often, but we must all have had this situation at some point or other:

    You're in an exposed space (like outside the apartments on Spider) & suddenly, someone starts sniping you (or dowsing torches). You spot the thief, but he's a good distance away & so running after him could take a while (& it could be a trap). Meanwhile, the AI are being completely useless & the other guards still don't no where he is. By the time you've explained where he is, he's long since ran off & teamwork starts to feel like more of a chore, than an aid to winning.

    What I propose is some kindof pointer that allows you to indicate to other players & AI that you spotted a thief somewhere, without you having to run after him. I no you could just use a tag bolt, but you shouldn't have to pay for telling your team-mates where a thief is.

    Basically, the pointer could be in any form (an outstretched pointing arm, or maybe a mini crossbow) & when used it would fire a very fast, invisible projectile. Where this projectile hits, a large indicator would suddenly become visible to all guards, indicating that a thief was spotted in that area. AI would optionally react to this by firing their crossbows in this area or avoiding the area completely (the player could tell them how to react) & player-guards could individually decide what course of action to take.

    Obviously this projectile would do absolutely no damage (hell, it shouldn't even exist; I'm just trying to suggest how this would be scripted) & neither the projectile or indicator would be visible to thieves. It would be purely "an aid to communication" & would be represent a realistic interpretation of what guards would do in this situation (they could quietly tell eachother that they had seen a thief "over there" & so could plan a team-co-ordinated attack on the thief).

    Perhaps, for improved AI orders, this could compose of a "dangerous" pointer (ie. avoid this area, it looks a like a trap) or a "cautious"pointer (ie. I think i saw someone over there, fire some warning shots or go check it out).

    So, I've managed a fairly big description considering that I only just thought of this idea, what do you think of my idea?

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    Well, it would be a lot better than the "Thief here!" binds that 75% of us have set up. It should be a key, though, not a selected weapon. And only one every 10+ seconds to prevent spamage.
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      This coming for you , a coder ! I don't see how on earth it would be possible to implement...
      But maybe you already thought of it and have leet coding tricks to do so , perhaps we will see that in 1.4 ?
      I think it may damage the immersion , the guard orders aren't terribly realistic either... Thievery isn't an air fight simulator , we don't need highlighting outlines , icons and captions all over the HUD


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        Why not make it an automatic system? Any time a guard has a thief in his crosshairs, it could do something to let the other guards know where the thief is.


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          Originally posted by Slappy
          Why not make it an automatic system? Any time a guard has a thief in his crosshairs, it could do something to let the other guards know where the thief is.
          TDan's system requires that the guard actually be aware of the thief, though. With your suggestion, you could accidentally place your crosshairs on a thief, be completely unaware of him, but suddenly alert all your allies to that thief's presence.


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            Hitting a thief with a tag seems fair enough already imo. As is throwing a flare his way etc etc. it doesn't really "fit" the mod. Most people work in teams now anyway, plus cathing a thief and communication doesn't seem to bad anyway on the servers.
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              It's a nice idea, but i think tags probably fit the purpose... tags are pretty cheap anyway, and I always buy a heap because I find them extremely useful.


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                Anyway , tags aren't even necessary... if you shoot standart bolts in a precise direction most players will understand why. They're free , and save lots of time when you want someone flarescan/tag/firespam a hiding thief. They even inflict slight damage ! Yes that's true !

                The only advantage the pointer gives is AI control. But , after all , why not make them shoot bolts in the general direction you're shooting at ? (this would cause problems to chestloading campers when they try to increase their bolt count )