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A nifty idea for the creep button

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  • A nifty idea for the creep button

    A lot of people agree the bow makes to much noise. Instead of adding throwing daggers to solve this perhaps we could have an alternate bow pull. Loading the bow as usual would produce the same sound and affect we have now. However perhaps if holding down the creep button you would pull back the bow making no sound or perhaps very little sound, however this quiet bow pull would take 2 or 3 times longer to draw back than normal. So if a thief needs to snipe a guard he could use normal noisey pull. If he needs to moss trops in the middle of a heavily camped area he just spent several minutes carefully sneaking into... he could use the quiet long pull and still have a chance of remaining discreet.

    This perhaps could be used for other things as well, like lockpicking. If holding the creep button you would pick quieter but it would again last much longer. It could work the same with doors and chests, taking time to open them but making it much more silent.
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    That hast to be one of the best ideas I have ever heard. I'd love to see this implimented.

    If you could use this to open doors silently, ghosting would be alot easier.
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      Omg... seriously though, good idea.
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        Sounds sweet, though it better be tested for balance before an official release of it...


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          I like it. This way "Creep" and "Run" keys would be more generalised; "Sneak" and "Rush"


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            I like your idea a lot! Now, the following is meant as a joke only:

            More Ideas:
            1. Hold Creep while throwing crates and they will fly in slow-motion through the air and make no sound when they finally drop.
            2. Hold Creep and Run at the same time to do a "Cartoonish Fast-Forward Sneaky Ninja Slow-Mo Rush" and traverse the whole level quietly in a few seconds.

            Actually, idea 1 can be posed as a non-joke:
            Throw + Creep = Drop Quietly, or, just "Put"


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              dude, where's my car???
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                dude, where were the words "like" and "totally"? I doubt your dudehood.


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                  Added this to the Suggestions Summary Page.

                  Please remember to keep submitting all your new ideas via the form on the website.


                  I think I've seen this idea before and while it has its advantages I personally feel that it takes too much away from the guards. When playing against skilled thieves often the only trace of them is the noises they make and without that guards would get pounded. There are some levels where it would balance things out but for the ones that are already balanced it would mess them up. Still, it might work with the proper tweaking - what about being able to buy a 'potion of silence' instead that made all your actions totally silent but just as quick?
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                    Also for getting out sword.


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                      Slower and more quiet yes. Silent NO thanks
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                        While we're talking about the bow, I'd like to suggest that the thief cannot hold the bow drawn for more than 10 or 20 seconds, ala Thief I and Thief II. Holding a bow drawn indefinately has always seemed silly and unbalanced to me.

                        I agree with Chainsaws. Don't eliminate bow noise. I get by just fine with it being as noisy as it is.
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                          Having the bow drawn is balanced with the bad manueverability and extra brightness. I like it like this. Its fun having an aim at a camping guard for ages scoping him out.


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                            Ah, thanx, Muggins. I forgot: thieves should have much-decreased manuverability when the bow is drawn, ala Thief I & II. In Thievery, currently, there is no loss of manuverability.
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                              A quieter bow. Just what I was thinking.

                              The creep button could allow the thief to pull back the bow more gently, creating less noise in the process.

                              There would still be some noise, unfortunately.

                              ^.^ I know. I'm into bow hunting irl. I even have my own short bow (draw strength 25 pounds *it's only for target practice*), six arrows, a hip quiver (held on the hip instead of the back), two arm bracers, and a shooting glove.

                              In order to eliminate all noise coming from a bow when drawing it back, you'd have to add rubber nubs on key locations on the bow itself.

                              The rubber nubs absorb vibrations. This, in turn, eliminates sound. A vital thing if you're going to go deer hunting.
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