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  • Thievery Map Downloads

    ok, so i made this thread so there was one thread with links to all files needed to play thievery online! lately theres been a fair few people who "carnt find thievery customs so carnt download the updated/custom maps" and as the server apparently takes to long to d/l the map and as one person doesnt have the map lets all vote asylem again ><!. theres also been a few new people who have downloaded something but dont know what! theres also people who havent downloaded the updated maps as they seem to think that there in the customs map pack 0_o - below are all the files you need!

    Thievery 1.71 - The Game itself
    All custom maps - Brody Made Custom maps, all in one pack that should also include files needed to join servers.

    old links - Prior to 1.7

    Custom maps - Most Custom maps in one map pack
    Classic Maps - offical maps from thievery 1.3
    Retro Maps - offical maps for thievery 1.4
    Breakout v3 - updated map, thanks to the builder for updating and fatrat for altering
    Skelston Head v3.31 - latest version of skelston - thanks again go to the builder
    Th-Eulenburg, Th-DarkCathedral and Th-Villa by mcfarrel
    Hanses Shenanigans - My Map ^..^
    Rectory - Chiefs mini map
    Fixed Thievery Maps V3 - TrapMaster's Fixed Maps

    so if you are going to play online often them please download and install all the above files! other maps, either incomplete or not on the servers yet are listed below

    Pagans - mapper = Mousse420 - Beta Version of map
    Th-Occam - Mords Amazing Map!
    Th-TM-Market - My Map ^^ well.. mords map i stole! (ThiefMatch Only)


    The Two Files below are fan made mutators that run on two servers, you will need them if you wish to play on either of those servers, you will download them automaticly from the servers when you join one, but if you have mismatched files or if it takes to long, the files are here

    Chiefs - New Tools version 12 - used on spams server when its up
    Kams - More Pots Mutator - Used on kams server


    Open Gl Files - if you use open gl try these files which are better then the standard ones from Ut
    An enhanced OpenGL renderer for Unreal Tournament

    Oldunreal's Multimedia Patches for Unreal and UnrealTournament - Alex's thingie

    any updates to maps or new maps ready for download, please post a link here so we can have all the files needed to play thievery online in one thread so people can find things quick and easy and dont have to search anyway else!

    all files posted above are hosted by Brody at Thievery Customs, so as allways many thanks to him

    alot of the main map files can be download from the Team ORJs Website or quicker access to it can be found here
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    You forgot the best version of Skeltston! 2.1Final Kam-version!

    Thanks for the rest of the stuff tho Keg.
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      thats in the custom map pack
      [E.D.G]Keggie - All that is yours is allready mine
      Thievery - Hanse's, Market, Mutator List
      AlienSwarm2k4 - Nighide Research Facility
      Videos - YouTube


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        Thank you, Keg, for gathering the links together. It's good to see that there are some people still helping the TuT community out.

        As I posted in Mordengaard's thread regarding the upcoming "Mirror" map, I think Brody deserves all the thanks we give him and then some. His willingness to host ALL the maps (I still only host maps I run) and resources means that TuT will continue in some form or another.
        Team ORJ


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          Perhaps this should be stickied?


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            Done, and thank you Keg


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              np the least i can do

              thread updated - Eulenburg is now on the servers so you will need that as well, altho i belive there will be an updated version soon Mords map is now in the list as well
              [E.D.G]Keggie - All that is yours is allready mine
              Thievery - Hanse's, Market, Mutator List
              AlienSwarm2k4 - Nighide Research Facility
              Videos - YouTube


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                sanks, keggie.

                there was a similar thread once stickied on the bcg forums. cant find it anymore. hmmmm, sad.
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                  /few updates, mutators, open gl and other maps, i think all the finished maps for thievery are now on. i added the mutator and open gl files as i thought some people might find them useful. if anyone has any links or ideas of whats missing or could be added let me know

                  also added the team orj website i meant to add it in the first time but forgot /on a side note, scraw, did you know the modifications link in the thievery download section doesnt work?
                  [E.D.G]Keggie - All that is yours is allready mine
                  Thievery - Hanse's, Market, Mutator List
                  AlienSwarm2k4 - Nighide Research Facility
                  Videos - YouTube


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                    think that could be usefull, for Soundcard users - X-fi Music or so.. Oldunreal's Multimedia Patches for Unreal and UnrealTournament


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                      As had been brought up we should pester Dalai to make another official update to the mod that gets the maps out there (fixed official ones and maybe a link to a separate zip composed of all the custom ones of which the authors approve(d) of doing something like that [redistribute/host] with their maps).
                      Yeah.. right.
                      Maybe when Gullonefox finishes his project then.
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                        Keg Coul You please update the MapList in the first post? I have noticed people dowloaded Th-Eulenburg 0.6.8 from Brody's server, but this is obsolete version

                        More recent version is included in the ThieveryMcFmappack_v2.1 at Bordy's Thievery Custom center on the very end of the list... (Thievery-Customs -> section ThieveryCenter -> Custom Maps -> Current Releases and Finals -> Thivery McFarrel Mappack v2.1 on the top of the page6)

                        Thx. McF.
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