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  • Poison Spikes

    Perhaps thieves could be able to buy small vials of poison that they can sneak up to guards with and spike their potions, when they are close enough just use them on guards like you would lockpicks. After the potion spike the potions would be poisoned for about five minutes, becuase permanently spiked potions would cause a lot of balance issues. If a guard drinks the potion while the spike effect is active, he/she will get Ko'd within 10-30 seconds after drinking it. Ko'd because it would be a silent killer if the guard was alone, also if the guard had buddies nearby it would cause a frenzy in case they thought it was a BJ.

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    I'd actually just be happy to have the ability to pick guards pockets, BUT one thing I would suggest with this is that it's silent andthe guard does realise an item has gone until he tries to use/look at it.

    It would be funny to try and use your health potion only for it to say "WHAT! I've been robbed!!"


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      Yeah! What TMach said!

      So.... by poison spikes you don't mean those holes in the ground that you fall in to and there are spikes at the bottom that are poisoned? Dang. I was about to say, shouldn't this be in the mapping section?
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        Pick-pocketing = Great idea.
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          Yeah, the pickpocketing idea is classic, and when I was typing this up I knew it would be cool to have but too complicated and not worth it to actually do. But, I'm just tossing out ideas.