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Current Thievery Guilds

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  • Current Thievery Guilds

    This thread contains a current list of Thievery guilds. Guild leaders can post details about their guild -- members, website, forums, guild tag, application process, brief description, and the like. No clutter in this thread, please, and no wide images.
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    The ThieveryUT branch of Team Crackaz. We're devoted to excellence in Thievery, both in skill and attitude. We embrace all playstyles in Thievery, from the devoted guards to the hardcore ghosters.

    Our website:
    Team Crackaz Website

    Our forums:
    Team Crackaz Forums

    Public Server:

    Private Practice/Tournament Server:

    Thiefmatch Server:

    A team roster can be found here.

    Team Crackaz TeamSpeak2 Server:


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      The Master Rodent established his eccentricity at an early age. As a small child, his nursemaids found him stubbornly independent, and yet lacking the common sense to take care of himself. One remarked, "He would go all day with his laces undone because he could not tie them himself, yet would suffer no one to tie them for him."

      Before the age of ten, he had decided to eschew the traditional trainings befitting a boy of his rank, and instead interested himself in thievery-crafts that were very unlikely to prove useful: ghosting, circle-strafing, the making of potions, and the growing and propagation of strategies, especially foreign ones.

      Website :

      Members :

      - Shug
      - Gladius
      - Rodent
      - Beast
      - Yenzarill
      - Monolith
      - Louie
      - Ooze
      - Garlisk
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      .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
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        Tears of Blood
        tag: -=:ToB:=-
        description: one of the first, one of the best. site has the newest custom maps and everything else you want. No money though...i wish i had some
        -=:ToB:=- / :]eDe[: Site:
        -=:ToB:=-PayingSins (TUT MAP)-


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          *** Fairly Advanced Gamers *** =(FAG)=>

          We currently have no website. I host our public and private forums here:

          Clan Type
          We're open to players who generally exhibit a good attitude. You don't have to be the best, but you have to be willing to learn, and work together as a team.

          Current FAGs


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            The Unforgiven.

            Name : TheUnforgiven

            Tag : ~TuF~, -TuF- or ~Tough~

            Description : A guild who wait in the shadows, watching, waiting, gathering knowledge, keeping the Annals and pulling strings... ensuring the prophecy takes place. The Unforgiven, though no long a competitive Thievery guild, retains some of the game's most feared players, players who may be found dispersed throughout the community. All that is written shall be done. Prophecy shall be fulfilled.

            TuF, though finished with competitive Thievery, remains quite active in a number of other games, to see a list of those visit Teamspeak and join us.

            Focus has been shifted to other endevours, careers, other games, the setting up of FTP rings, girlfriends. We aim to be back for Nightblade if it ever arrives.

            Website :

            Member List (Sorted by rank) :

            The Master Keeper - Ambassador for the guild, No greater than a Keeper.
            • TheMach!ne

            Keepers - Keepers of knowledge and puppet masters of the shadows, administrators of the guild and the commuinity
            • Chainsaws
            • Dragon
            • FixXxer

            Templars - Expert players, massive skill, experience and dedication
            • Skull
            • Gabriel
            • Daniel

            Acolytes - The core of TuF, Players on the road to ultimate skill or knowledge
            • Aggamemnon
            • Arch!e
            • Brody
            • Chalrif
            • Ducky
            • Lurox
            • Phaethorn

            Novices - The undecided, having embraced the guild they now face a life of study and practice.
            • None at this time.

            Honourary Members - Those who are close to the unforgiven, valued friends and ex-members who retain access to our forums.
            • LoToR
            • Suplicus
            • The Judge

            Contact : Post over at our forums or message a Keeper or the Master Keeper. All contacts made with a Keeper shall be discussed amongst the Keepers and Master Keeper. PM The Keepers for specific questions. Anybody wishing to be trained, contact us.

            Recruitment : Currently not recruiting, visit us in TS at "" to join in some games with us!
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            Keeper Annals


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              The Shadow Guild

              • Ř·mega
              • mOdEtWo

              • PhaeThorn
              • Nachimir
              • Mog
              • Biohazard


              • [-TSG-]

              Our site
              Our forums
              Mog's Home of the Shadow Guild (
              The Server Rules


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                -)(TCO)(- The Chosen Ones

                Current Members:

                [email protected]
                Microwave Oven

                We are neither a ghosting nor guarding guild, just out to have fun while playing Thievery.

                Our website can be found at and our forums, hosted by mOdEtWo, are at


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                  [E.D.G] Eaves Droppers Guild.

                  Our history starts in the year 2001, the news of the day was that a new and exciting game was about to be released by BlueByte Software, namely The Settlers IV.

                  In addition to the new game, a new gaming community was created, called the BlueByte Gaming Channel.

                  As we pioneered through our 56k connections, dropping out of games regularly, a friend and I decided it was time to join the ranks of clans that had been set up for group combat.

                  In this way, Mission Imsettlerable [M.I.] came about, soon other friends joined and we became one of the better known clans (albeit for frequent lag outs as opposed to an actual winning streak).

                  It was during this time that I discovered a demo of a game called Unreal Tournament, which distracted both myself and another clan member from playing Settlers IV.

                  As Settlers dwindled, we (that is to say two of us - myself included) moved on to playing Unreal Tournament (though we would still play Settlers, and indeed would remain a part of that community to this day), the clan name chosen by my friend was [NAUC] or Not Another Unreal Clan.

                  On the 28th June 2002, a total conversion of Unreal Tournament which I had been a regular follower of, finally saw the light of day, the name? Thievery for Unreal Tournament.

                  During this time we continued to play under the [NAUC] heading, however it did not fit with the gameplay that was Thievery.

                  It was on the 1st December 2002 that having been unable to agree on a more Thievery-esque name we put out a plea on the Thievery forums for a new guild name, our own selection of names was as follows:

                  Honourable Thieves Guild.
                  The Blackjackers Guild.
                  Shadows Of Darkness guild.
                  Shadows of Night Guild
                  The Thieves Guild.
                  There were of course a few suggestions (and suggestive!) new guild names, having aquired a reputation for my administrator console command knowledge, old time and fun member PhaeThorn had the following suggestions to make:

                  TsG - The Summoners Guild
                  SIAL - Summoning Is A Lifestyle
                  Sg - Summoners Revenge
                  SnS - Summoning Needs Skills
                  While MadGerbil suggested:

                  OBG - Owned By Gerbil
                  It was Garlisk who struck on the great and honourable name of:
                  The Eaves Droppers Guild.
                  As soon as we saw it, we knew we had our name, a small addition of a guild tag and slogan, and we became:

                  [E.D.G] Eaves Droppers Guild - We're On THE EDGE!
                  It wasn't long before we became increasingly aware of the deathmatch playing that was going on in Thievery. We therefore changed to become one of the few Ghosting only guilds in Thievery (which usually meant certain members DMing if they thought I wasn't around).

                  By the middle of December 2002 we had lost one of our founding members to the Counter Strike clone, Tactical Ops.

                  However, while this was a sad loss to the guild, we had already gained many members since becoming the Eaves Droppers Guild.

                  Records show that by this time we had five members in total, namely:

                  Mouse (aka Dark-Taffer).
                  Skull (originally SkullCollector).
                  Ordinator (who had joined in the [NAUC] era of Thievery).
                  Chief (me :p).
                  By March 2003, our member base had changed yet again, we now had regained our old guild co-leader, and our members list had increased to now become:

                  and two other members who would help out if required, one who had been a regular member, namely:
                  By September 2003 we had gained another new member:

                  [E.D.G]LOTOR (aka Lord Of The Onion Rings/Radamanthus)
                  Then disaster struck the guild, as my internet access was lost and [E.D.G]Commander was given the role of guild leader.

                  Thankfully the length of time expected to be offline in was quickly sorted, and by October 2003 I had returned as leader, and to increase our numbers we gained yet more new members over the next three months on a heavy recruitment drive:

                  and for a very short time (before joining The Chosen Ones)
                  and on the 1st December 2003, [E.D.G] merged with our friendly rivals, [KYO] - Knock YOU Out (as led by DhaThief) to form a new guild:

                  [KEY-DOG] Top Dogs For TuT.
                  The guilds name was as its tag - KeyDog, an acknowledgement of the merging of guild tags.

                  Very little news until the 1st April 2004 (an April Fools joke) when [KEY-DOG] took over control of the Fairly Advanced Gamers =FAG=> "Oh No! They =FAGed=> it." guild, as led by Tobias_The_Taffer (originally created by MrEricSir before he left the community).

                  However the joke became reality and we did indeed take over the guild a little while later.

                  It has to be admitted that all the other =FAG=> members aside from Tobias and Chuffed dissapeared on hearing the news like thieves in the night.

                  The [KEY-DOG] name was no longer appropriate, and so a new guild was born:

                  ]>CoD<[ (The) Council of Darkness - The Bretheren have awoken.
                  which led to two new members:
                  And the loss of an old one, who decided to quit:

                  However things must come to an end, players leave, they move on, they find other things to occupy themselves, they (Skull and Brody) join other guilds, and so ]>CoD<[ officially closed itself from participating in guild matches and turf wars by the end of April 2004.

                  Players still played on public servers from time to time, old faces would reappear and dissapear, and we'd even get new players joining, namely:

                  However, this was where it all ended, we had done well for a small guild, our final list of players (not all still in the guild) by the end had been:

                  LOTOR (aka Lord Of The Onion Rings/Radamanthus)

                  Until now...

                  In 2012 KYO and =FAG=> were set free of the bonds that tied them to us, and ]>CoD<[ was dropped as the official clan tag and the guild reverted to the old, tried and tested:

                  [E.D.G] Eaves Droppers Guild - We're On The EDGE!

                  Active Members:

                  [E.D.G]Trapmaster (All NEW in 2012).

                  Probably Still Active Members if they return:
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                    The Apocalypticus

                    The Apocalyptics
                    We are a relatively new clan. Visit our site.

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                      The *|MbR|* Guild

                      We are a new guild in this environment.

                      Our tag is *|name|*.

                      Our website is hosted on my homepage.

                      Our Forum is

                      We have a private server we use, you can browse the mbr page to see if we are online there or not.

                      Everyone is welcomed in our guild, unfortunately european members will enjoy better the performances of my private server (It is not the best one of the world ).

                      Our motto is:"We'll eradicate the evil from this world and we'll put our enemies six feet under"

                      Actual members are:

                      - UomO_Ombra*|MbR|*

                      - Phlame*|MbR|*

                      - Alex-x-x*|MbR|*

                      - Sephorith*|MbR|* (Formely DIP)

                      - Soul*|MbR|*

                      - Mumbar*|MbR|*

                      - Sky-fiwa-*|MbR|*

                      - Shadow*|MbR|*

                      - DEC*|MbR|*
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                      *|May Pluto Guide my eyes|*
                      "We'll eradicate the Evil from this world and we'll put our enemies 6 feet under"


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                        Tag: ^Tomcats^

                        Leader: Bandit



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                          Time for a thread cleaning to get rid of this spamming crap. This thread is suppose to be about the specific names on the guilds, not all this garbage, enough. As Bill's first post describes, no clutter.
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                            Tag: <~TL~>

                            Leader: UrUkUs (Uruk-Hai).

                            Members: ^^^GET^^^, Sly, Solvo, Trapmaster, John_Dillinger, Lawless.
                            R.I.P DIP
                            Our motto is: "All our enemies shall die with their pockets empty!"
                            Guild Forums <TL>
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                              Originally posted by ]>CoD<[Chief View Post

                              ]>CoD<[ Leader(s): ]>CoD<[Chief

                              ]>CoD<[ Website.
                              As a member of CoD (don't know if Chief ended my membership) I would like to point out that this link appears to be down
                              Feel the power of the