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    -whipes sweat from brow-

    NO problemo!

    No seriously good games, well played.


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      hi online,

      it was a really great match. im still impressed.

      never seen so much concentration, discipline, coordination, teamwork and at least fun.

      it was very interesting to see. both teams were wonderful and had all they need to have. at least only one team could win.

      the very most impressing was the sneaking of rodent in the two apartments where the humanguards were. he was very clever, patience and absolutey using his brain.

      at least i am sorry that he did not escape with the grail. he did so impressing work, i had grudged it for him.

      very wonderful and great match.
      great job on both sides.

      A real huge Man will neither stamp on a Worm, nor crawl for an Emperor

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        GG TuF.

        Your Thief Round was clearly well planned and excecuted, although it would have been more interesting had you tried to get past the real defense

        On the Guarding Round
        Your rehersal of that tequnique paid off immensly.
        I must say I was very surprised to see you already Guarding the Grail when I broke in. At that stage, it was panic stations basically. We Ko'd all the AI, threw them into the River.... but amazingly, they climbed out several minutes later in full plate.

        We even tried pushing them into the water- I must have drowned at least 4, but in the end, your clever planning won the day. GJ
        .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
        - "Earth dons the red; calls the maggots."


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          *TuF Chief Strategist pats himself on the back* :grin:

          Really cool game guys. When Rodent grabbed the grail, against all of Machine and FixXxer's defenses, I whispered "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! WTF! KILL HIM FFS!" or something like that.


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            Ok ok, there was a point where i thought me and fix had lost it, but i luckly, probably lag lucky, blocked rodents exit just in time!