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The [E.D.G] Vs =FAG=>'s Friendly Rematch.

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  • The [E.D.G] Vs =FAG=>'s Friendly Rematch.

    Okay both guilds have been arranging this for several weeks now, but knowing the fact most of the =FAG=> members never read their own forums so best to post what Tobias and I have agreed on in here.

    Match Time & Date: 30th November 7pm GMT onwards.

    Maps: Told on day of match. (I've been trying to work out a tie breaker but
    all Tobias does is send spam pm's.)

    AI: Clever.

    Time Limit: 35 minutes.

    Loot Drop: 50%.

    Each guild is Thieving and Guarding each map (of course).

    And this time we can hope we don't get disconnections
    [E.D.G] "Eaves Droppers Guild - we're on the edge."

    All New Thievery-O's!