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TCO vs TUF outcome.

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  • TCO vs TUF outcome.

    TuF vs TCO for Archery in Turfwars Outcome

    Game One
    The game begins with TuF Thieving. TuF's plan went to a flying start as all members took to map, as TCO setup wisley placed defences around the trophy area and kept a close eye on the guest rooms. The Trophy was in the lobby area, and WildBill kept 'em busy with various tricks and bits from the top skylight. Meanwhile it was tense around the guest rooms with Dragon looting them and TCO patroling closley with a couple of close calls. Machine was looting the top floor, and Bill went to go for the Trophy. Success. Bill grabs it and makes his escape, but alas at the exit Bill is killed, but Dragon goes back in for more loot. Pulling through TuF proceed to win the match.

    Game Two
    The match begins and TCO are the Thieves. TuF setup defences in the library where the trophy spawned, and TCO move outwards via the outer walls and another through the middle. Meanwhile Dragon patrols the surrounding area and Bill roams the halls. TCO make several attempts to enter the building some more successfull than others, Chalriff the shadow creeper stays low while other members keep a higher profile, causing distractions and problems for TuF guards. One by one TCO members fall until there are no lives left and theres just the 3 of them, it becomes obvious that they become more careful and consise in they're movements. Dragon and Bill hunt them down, whilst Machine happally camps the trophy with great ease. Both Dragon and Bill kill the thieves until only Chalriff is left.... the leader of out oppenents against 3 TuF guards, the odds we'rent good, but he did manage to pick up a fair amount of loot before being slain by the mighty Dragon with a single bolt shot by the back door of TH-Archery.

    Well played TCO good game!

    This now pushes The Unforgiven to 2nd place in the Turfwars.
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    First i'd like to congratz TuF for their results. I had the intense pleasure of spectating this nice theatre show. TheMach!ne dragged me ingame on the last moment, but it was worth it. No cheating , no extreme laming ... just a nice game to watch

    GG's to both teams.

    PS: stakhanov , don't lay down your shovel yet :roll: inside joke
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      Bloody good games, both of them, didn't actually think we'd pull it off without resorting to a draw but we did!

      Thank you to everyone involved, specially phae for spectating at such short notice, thanks to LaughingRat for the private server which supplied me at least with good ping and solid game throughout.


      I wont give my version of events because they are so dull! as a thief i didn't see any human guards, i was in and out very quickly, then i just acted as reconnasance. As a guard I stared at the trophy and wildbills rear end for the entire 40 minutes.


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        Great games, both teams.

        My favorite moment was as a guard, at the very end of the game...I was checking my rooms for loot. I hear Chalrif's footsteps outside, and I open the back doors to see if he's there. As soon as I touch them, the doors close again, as if Chalrif is shutting them back in my face, saying "Please, don't come out here!" I opened the door again and shot him.

        Thanks for being sporting, TCO, and playing us tonight. Well played.


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          Ah i woulda loved to be involved but other events called.
          We won 5-3 :roll: not that anybody cares

          Sounds like you guys had some exciting encounters...
          But i was confident that you four tuf could pull it off.



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            Soccer?! Who cares about soccer!!!!

            Nah, just kidding...good job.


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              Originally posted by The Dragon
              "Please, don't come out here!"
              Two blood drops and you would be pleading the same! 6 carrots got me a mere 1 drop...

              The one hour prep I had with Cliff was wasted because he couldn't make the match... "A friend needs me..."

              Anyway here is my life story...

              Game 1
              Alexius roams, Stak to trophy (in front) me to Alfonso corridor. Within 2 minutes, I see a taffer. I try to attack, but alas, he quaffed an invis. The distractions of DB led me to the trophy room while varias loot got taken other places. Coming up on a thief, a glitch... then... a dramatic FPS cut. I thought I was a goner... but instead I stayed connected and guarded with 8 avg. fps. Alexius found a way to kill DB near the exit and the loot objective was taken back; only to be put back up again when TuF grabbed more loot and escaped.

              Game 2

              After turning off the antivirus (the cause of the fps cut earlier) I returned for the second match. We had a much better chance on this one, I think. Alexius starts off with his arrows... and murders 2 guards before being killed once. After that he sets his sight on loot and gains 506. Stak got killed twice and that was it for him. I pulled off various escapes from TuF guards and get away with 1 blood drop and 465 loot. Plotting to nab the trophy, Alex begins to move into position but gets murdered on the way in. I drop down in front of the back door to attempt to get a few more coins... just as I drop down, the mighty dragon comes out and puts an end to my flailing.

              GG's TuF, play you again sometime!
              Still -)(The Chosen One)(-


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                  Sounds like a lot of fun. If I can humbly make a request, in the future, can you please scale the screenshots down to 800x600? Most of us probably aren't working in 1600x1200. Thanks.


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                    Sorry, no demo, it causes a load of problems with TUT, besides I'd rather both sides tactics were unknown.

                    Sorry Oie, I forgot me and fix run TUT in 1600x1200!


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                      Another great victory for TuF nice work guy's.


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                        Woo! Well done guys!

                        Thanks to TCO for playing.
                        One of the three LANers of the Apocalypse!
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                          The Guard "eats, drinks, and sleeps"

                          Likita: lol, can't.. must..stay..awake.............

                          It's TACO TIME!


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                            I think he meant to thank the people who DID PLAY, Cliff.
                            Still -)(The Chosen One)(-


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                              Woot! Good job TuF! And a big hurray for TCO.