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EDG: You guys in or out?

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  • EDG: You guys in or out?

    Well I think the RLF would be more than happy to teach you taffers the meaing of "it's not nice to take other people's things" but you've pretty much ruled out the only server we have over here that has a good ping.

    (Once again, we can try mine... but Crackaz is likely as good as it will get)

    So I need to know if you are able to find an alternate server or if you are going to back down and admit you really weren't foolish enough to challenge the RLF in the first place.

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    maby they can use logs server. Chief plays on that server sometimes ... and i guess that server aint laggy
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      Phae... once and a while... check your bloody PMs, please? ^_^
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        y did u waste a thread when we've been replying to u on the wraiths thread

        Phae who is Log?

        anyway I went on CTG public server- the ping seems to have steadied- but mine is all over the place still and only on CTG :roll: oh well........... anyway ill get bk to u when i manage to track down the guild members-if u see any in game tell them to get on chat pronto 8) anyway the servers i get good pings on are Brody's (but he is experiencing server problems), Loc's,Mogs and last but not least CTG ill find out who gets the best ping for all concerned
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          anyway CTG or Nemisis Server= Ok 8) We still need to work out the times. MG find out from ur guild what times of the day are ok and we'll try and find some time that will be ok for us also.

          Btw- map default time is 30 isnt it?
          and Dead to Live chat WILL be on.

          Answer soon fur ball
          [E.D.G] "Eaves Droppers Guild - we're on the edge."

          All New Thievery-O's!