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TuF vs TCO - Stronghold - Organisation

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  • TuF vs TCO - Stronghold - Organisation

    Ok, same again! Can respective guilds please post availibilities match time suggestions / restrictions / surrender here please!

    I'm free -

    Monday - Thursday = 7pm GMT -> 10:30pm GMT

    Friday = 7pm GMT -> ??? Late ???

    Saturday + Sunday = All day + Late night (up to 11:00 Sunday night)


    But, then again I might not be playing!!

    EDIT :- THIS particular sunday it's bank holiday over here in england so I can play late.

    If we can, could we play this match this weekend? I don't want to be messing around for months on end this time.

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    Saturday will not work. I think I am free most of Sunday.
    Still -)(The Chosen One)(-


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      Why dont you post when you ARE avalable instead of just saying you cant make therse dates
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        I could possibly be available Friday afternoon (Night GMT), Saturday in the day, and also Sunday. My weekends are kind of busy though for the next couple of weeks, if you guys work out a date though I can probably see if I'm free.


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          Ok, well, Sunday is looking good for us, what about you guys? We can play pretty late because neither me or Skull need to be at work on Monday.


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            I can play most weekends no problem. I can plan for it to work (so long as the time isn't like 9am PST or somthing. There is no way in hell I would get up early enough :lol: )


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              Sunday should be fine for me as long as its between the hours of 4 pm and 12 midnight GMT I look forward to seeing this match played then.


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                Great, so how is Sunday for TCO?


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                  Sunday is alright for me. Will probably be spectating.


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                    Originally posted by TheMachine
                    Great, so how is Sunday for TCO?
                    Should be alright. 7:00 PM GMT or later?
                    Still -)(The Chosen One)(-


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                      7pm's cool, but later is also fine :-)


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                        Sunday is ok with me Ditto to what Chalrif said.
                        The Guard "eats, drinks, and sleeps"

                        Likita: lol, can't.. must..stay..awake.............

                        It's TACO TIME!


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                          I favor 7 pm gmt as well. Yall know that is 2pm EST right?

                          Ya see cliff?

                          Good ol' Gabe always knows whats best for ye. :wink:

                          I'm glad you made the right choice.

                          Ok! so we have three from TCO and at least four from TuF! excellent :twisted:

                          TuF - mach skull drag gabe lurox daniel

                          TCO - zt chalrif cliff snafu

                          Please confirm and if somebody could please negotiate Lr or somebody set up a server.

                          Good luck teams


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                            way ahead of ya! I've asked Grank for the server today, more as I know.


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                              7pm gmt Sunday is good for me too
                              This is my cool sig.