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The Valentines VS Rodent and Tessa Fun-match!

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  • The Valentines VS Rodent and Tessa Fun-match!

    This morning Rodent gathered up Louie and Terryn (the Valentine) and asked me if I felt up to a 2v2 match. I wasn't doing anything at the time, so I said sure.

    We played 4 matches on my server, 2 on Theatre and 2 on Grange.

    Game 1

    Rodent and I thieved first. I entered via the book area, grabbed a couple candles, and then got the stuff in the hole in the ceiling. I ran into Terryn while trying to get into the crypts, and I went into the ceiling hole room and waited til he stopped leaning around the edge to shoot me (I saw your bow ). Then I went up and cleaned the crypts area up.

    At this point, Rodent got the rest of the objs ( I had no relics) and I exited in the water system. But then he died in the front lawn! Oh no!

    I still had all my equipment, so I through down 2 flash, grabbed the relics, and tried to get on the wall, but Louie (I think) could still see and shot me down. I went into piano room, and was killed there.

    Then I came back, and once again collected the relics, and ran off deeper into the theatre. I tried to go down the secret stairs, but as I was running down Terryn (I think) landed RIGHT in FRONT of me, between me and the door into the blue room. I quickly turned and mantled up the stairs, only to be faced by Louie. They squished me in the upper doorway.

    At this point I was out. Rodent managed (after quite a while, and a Louie D/C where everyone stood still til he got back) to get the relics, and exit. It was pretty amazing, considering Louie and Terryn were on each side of the relics, plus the 3-4 AI.

    Game 2

    This game was fairly fast. Rodent and I went to the crypts to guard relics, and I stayed in the blue room with one. I don't even think I saw a thief. Terryn and Louie won.

    Game 3

    Map changed to Grange on this one, Rodent and I thieved first again.

    I spawned back behind pool area, where that lone guard patrols. That lone guard was inhabited by Louie, and I followed him down to the pool stairs shadow in my 10 seconds of free invis. He turned around once (I'm guessing he heard me) but seeing nothing he kept going.

    I went around to the back of the house, and inside. With some timing of the AI, I managed to grab 40 loot off the table.

    Then I got chased out by Louie, and Rodent told me to go to the exit and wait. When he had about 600 some loot, he exited, and I went to grab outlying loot in the poolhouse and excavation area, and we won.

    Game 4

    Rodent and I immediately positioned AI around the house. Then I started making arrows and flares in the chest. Then Rodent had me on a strict inside patrol, constantly checking all the rooms and every nook and cranny of the house.

    Rodent patrolled outside and managed to kill them several times, and while I didn't get any kills, I helped the AI a couple times, and managed to chase them out even more.

    At around 5 minutes, the house was still secure, but Rodent seemed very panicky. He told me to take all the AI to the exit. At this point we started arquing whether it was best just to stay at the house and make sure they can't get in, or take AI to the exit, LET them in for sure, and kill them when they attempt to exit. Well, at around two minutes left, I started taking AI to the exit.

    Rodent then killed Louie, and they weren't able to get the loot and exit in the remaining time.

    Rodent & Tes- 3
    Valentines- 1


    Good games guys, lets hear your side of the story too, if possible!

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    Good times!

    Bit o' rodentry ay ay ay ; )
    .:Mockers Thievery Guild:.
    - "until the cat is skinned"


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      Whoa... Rodent and Tessa have won? I didn't thought this, but well done both teams.
      Do you guys have some screenys too?
      "Blockheads never learn, Clever learn by his own mistakes, Intelligents learn by mistakes of others."


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        Originally posted by Tessa Garlisk
        At around 5 minutes, the house was still secure, but Rodent seemed very panicky.
        That'll be right, lol, rodent panicking :p
        -they must've got all the loot from around the back or something.

        Sounds like some fun games
        .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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          Sandman Wrote:
          Whoa... Rodent and Tessa have won? I didn't thought this, but well done both teams.
          Do you guys have some screenys too?
          Sandman, then you thaught right.. Terryn hasnt played since tod2, and we are RUSTY like hell in 2on2 together.. we couldnt even remember our own tactics for the maps cause its been a while...well well, cant complain, when you dont play you become like a newb.. we just started to play 2on2's again, and It'll take a while until we are back in shape.. sad you have to get a "outcome" of our FIRST 2on2 today since tod2, a unimportant for fun pracc only imo to show everyone in the whole community one our worst games ever... thanks.. you could have least asked us if we wanted something like this.. *out*
          .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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            yeah well.. gg' was fun.. wp..
            .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.



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              Losing to Tessa and Rodent should not be embarrassing louie, and from what I read you seemed to have it together on Theatre, it must've taken some freakish work from rodent to pull off the win, and your thief round for theatre seemed to be pretty smooth.
              In any case no-one should be judging you harshly for just a few games of thievery.

              Are you and Terryn going to be back together for ToD v3?
              .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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                theatre thieves went smooth.. well, we are not even close to what we were, practise gives perfect I guess.. yes, we are gonna be in ToD3, but If we keep on playing like we did this pracc, there are no idea to even participate...
                .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.



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                  Get ready for your match with Fri and I! I don't want to hear ANY excuses after our match.


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                    hehe hi grankie boy, yeah, we are getting ready for it!
                    .: Infiltrator - Mockers Thievery Guild :.



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                      I guess this should be moved to the Thievery Guilds forum by now.