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Turfwars 2, Crkz vs ToB

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  • Turfwars 2, Crkz vs ToB

    Last edited by Sisu; 3 Aug 2011, 09:56 PM. Reason: Scrubbing online presence.

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    The old CTG / ToB rivalry STRIKES BACK.

    Well played, Crkz
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      You forgot to mention that the map spawned in the same location after the server crashed.

      When ToB were thieving, the map was in the east dockhouse (east? the one on the right if facing it from docks).
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        Originally posted by Sisu
        2028: Third AI in a row dies. Naughty Salsa.
        I'm almost offended. That picture is obviously photoshopped.


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          Great Games! Yes, it was too bad that Spider lagged out of the game. Good Job!
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            good game all


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              Great games, everything came together as I expected, nicely played both sides.
              Nice to have Sneaky1 sort things out for ToB, always good to chat with her

              The taking down of Thebos towards the end was pretty good, I had watched him from canopy and he catfalled down right into my line of fire, but went invis as I laid a tag in him which threw off my melee but then FT and Salsa closed in for the kill. He did a commendable job that last round though, some good runabouts.

              (EDIT) Wha... no piccies from our thief round, shame on you!
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                good job tobs and crackaz
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                    Good games all. Thanks to Crackaz for provind the server.

                    What I am remember of the second match:

                    Headed for the Iron key House, making some misteps along the way. AI sees me as I enter the village, forcing early supply usage, but I keep moving towards the target. Note a human guard making for my position but keep on going- should have time. Check the chest in iron (no map), then have issues getting out (someday, I hope to learn how to move in game )- delays me long enough for that guard to arrive (with their crossbow skills, may not have made much difference anyway). I die.

                    Spawn as Swiss and Ag are going at it on the docks. Dead soon after.

                    Watched Spider disconnect. Takes me a few seconds to realize it is only him, not the server crashing. Watch as the guard leaves, then watch spider die. Giving no thought to respecting the dead, I take his stuff. The dock houses and the cellar prove to be easy picken's. Hit the roofs, but notice a guard head right for me as I move through the light. Then guards are everywhere I go- bolts flying all around me. Nerves of steel perhaps, but those do not phase me. Far to stressed over the bolts flying through me anyway. Starting to get dizzy. I die- match over.
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                      *Mental note - look at one's feet when DMing, to maintain a 50+ FPS at all times.

                      Good games in all.