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TurfWars - Current Standings and Challenges

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  • TurfWars - Current Standings and Challenges

    This is where the current standings for Turfwars will be kept. As turf changes hands, I'll keep this first post updated. The name/tag of the guild in the lead will be noted in red.

    This is also where a link to the current TurfWars Rules is posted.

    CoD - formerly KEY-DOG
    Flats - 1000 loot
    Total: 1000 loot

    Gerome - 800 loot
    SkeltstonHead - 700 loot
    Total: 1500 loot

    Folly - 300 loot
    Total: 300 loot

    Darkened Enlightenment - 900 loot
    Theatre - 500 loot
    Total: 1400 loot

    Aquatone - 500 loot
    Korman - 500 loot
    Total: 1000 loot

    Bourgeois - 500 loot
    Total: 500 loot

    Breakout - 600 loot
    Nostalgia - 1500 loot
    Total: 2100 loot

    Archery - 1400 loot
    Asylum - 250 loot
    Grange - 800 loot
    Spiders - 800 loot
    Warehouse - 900 loot
    Total: 4150 loot

    Unclaimed Turf
    Soul's Harbor - 600 loot
    Stronghold - 400 loot

    Loot to Win: 6475
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    Challenges MUST be made publically, and in this thread. This is so it's possible to keep track of the order in which challenges have been made. No challenges made outside this thread will be considered official. Any posts that are not challenges will be deleted. Challenge posts will be deleted after those challenges are resolved, to keep this thread from becoming too long.

    Challenges listed in blue may be played at any time, due to not being affected by the outcome of any earlier challenge.

    Unresolved Challenges
    CrkZ challenges TuF's takeover of Soul's Harbor
    TCO challenges ToB
    TuF challenges TCO
    TCO challenges TuF's takeover of Stronghold
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      The TurfWars rules have been updated. The link in the first post of this thread now points to the new rules, version 2.3. The following changes have been made:

      Added to standard match parameters (which are negotiable on a match-by-match basis): frob awakens on by default. Vote was 4 in favor, 3 against.

      Added to standard match parameters: auto awakens on by default - 10 minute timer. The vote was unanimously in favor of auto awakens, though suggestions for different times were made. As this is negotiable on a match-by-match basis, the original proposal of 10 minutes stands as the default.

      Added to non-negotiable rules: Spectators must spectate in freecam or followcam. Spectators may not spectate as a rat. The vote on this was unanimous.

      Added to negotiable rules: All killed or KO'd players must respawn immediately. "Hanging around" in followcam mode on the site of your demise to relay information to your remaining teammates is not allowed. Players on the guard team may not wait until a respawn is available if none are available at the time they are killed or KO'd. The vote on this was 6 in favor, 1 against.

      TH-Soulsharbor has been added to the unclaimed turf pool on a vote of 5 in favor of adding, 2 against.

      TH-ToB-PayingSins has not been added to the unclaimed turf on a vote of 1 in favor of adding, 5 against, with one abstention.


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        ~TuF~ would like to attempt a takeover for Soulsharbor.
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          CTG Challenges TuF's takeover of Soul's Harbor.


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            TCO challenges ToB to their remaining map.


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              FAG wishes to join turfwars again
              if we get a map can it be warehouse?
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              Guy: It didn't work out at my last job
              Boss: where did you last work?
              Guy: Starbucks


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                [E.D.G] and [KYO] have giften their TW maps to the new Guild:


                please update accordingly-thx
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                  Per email from Okih-Imus, X has been joined TurfWars as a guild without turf. Also per his email, the following players are members of X:

                  battousai (okih-imus)
                  equity (Spamslayer)

                  Okih, someone mentioned to me that X has already challenged a guild. I don't see that challenge in this thread, which is the ONLY place where it becomes official


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                    TuF would like to challenge TCO to a match on an undisclosed map.
                    There are those to whom knowledge is a shield,and those to whom it is a weapon.
                    Neither view is balanced, but one is less unwise.
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                      X would like to challenge CoD.


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                        is now in the hands of ToB

                        [KYO] - Knock You Out


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                          Originally posted by DhaThief
                          is now in the hands of ToB
                          COD is gifting it to ToB?


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                            [KYO] - Knock You Out


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                              M challenges ToB on an undisclosed map.
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