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TW3 : Mockers vs. STAMPEDE - Move 1 - Flats

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    Originally posted by daniel
    cool! thx

    lol phae, now they will be supicious if i dont talk and mad at me if i do
    Yes, everything about interacting with Phae is a lose/lose proposition.


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      Mockers Victorious over Stampede. 2-0
      .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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        Tempers are sure running high over here...

        On the quote-theft note, woot, fame and forture for me in LR's sig.


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          Not to steal the spotlight from LR in here, but a quick match summary:

          Round 1 Flats (m thief v stampede guard)
          Mockers: Rodent, Gladius, Shug
          Stampede: okih-imus, SpamSlayer, Christine

          The round start saw (from what I understand) guards moving into a few standard positions while Gladius made his uber rush. Gladius bagged about 500 loot, Rodent began to clean up the rest while I watched the exit. The plan came off cleanly, and the two loot carriers had an unobstructed run to the thieves' den to exit for the win.

          Round 2 (m thief, stampede guard)
          Same teams once again.

          A slightly different strat was employed by the thieves this round (omg nudge nudge wink wink), and at about 800 or 900 loot okih roared into the thief spawn and began to slash the exits. I was flushed from my spot in the thief spawn (by a flare that wasn't actually aimed for me) and fled to rejoin my teammates. With three guards now in spawn, Rodent was designated as the money man and loaded up with the loot. He managed to escape through the middle exit following a 2 man distract and assault job while Gladius kept watch from above.

          No thieves were killed in the making of this match. A tough map for the guards to handle in their first defense.
          GG Stampede
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            I have a hypothetical question :

            Given the following scenario -

            + Forsaken do not loose a match, they win every take, and defend every attack.

            + Mutants (the only other team able to do so) do not loose a match, they too win every take, and defend against any attack.

            By this rule Forsaken will have 1 more turf than Mutants, can we call a tie breaker in this scenario? as both teams have performed equally during the tournament?


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              I'm sure we can cross that hurdle if we come to it. If neither of you guys lose a game the whole tournament, more congratulations than just the TW III title should go your way. I think it's almost impossible to go through a tournament like this undefeated.

              In the mean-time, have some screenshots of the Mockers vs Stampede match on Flats:

              Round 1

              Round 2

              (edit: rounds were switched)
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                Let me summarize it to...
                STAMPEDE gotz pwned biiiiiiiiiiiiig time.
                A good eye opener to us though, we haven't played with elite players in a while.
                Thanks for the match, I hope it wasn't too much a waste of your time seeing as we didn't put up much of a fight. We'll do better next time though!
                Again, thank you for the match.


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                  HerŞey Gِnlünüzce Olsun


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                    What in the hell?

                    You joined the forums to resurrect an old thread with a post in a foreign language?
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                      lmao, best post ever
                      On demand this signature has been changed. I hope nobody was insulted or got harmed due to my signature. If this is the case, I'm fully responsible for the harm that was done. Do you feel harmed or you simply want a listening ear?

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                        Quote Of The Week!
                        "Just off the border of your waking mind there lies another time, where darkness and light are one. As you tread the halls of sanity, you feel so glad to be unable to go beyond. I have a message from another time."


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                          Ehm, what's that supposed to mean, anyway


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                            That post made me curious too. It is apparently Turkish and if you google it you will find tons of hits. I still don't understand why it was posted in this thread.


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                              Here's his/hers/its other post:
                              Based on a true story.
                              The prequel.


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                                Good to have some advertisement around here