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TW3: Forsaken vs. Stampede - Move 2 - Warehouse

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    try all lower case


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      Okay, due to Okih's computer problems we played one man down by it was 2 vs. 1, not 3 vs. 1. Both maps went to Forsaken, who thieved the first 2 rounds successfully.

      So Forsaken take Warehouse.


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        A fairly one-sided match, but fun nonetheless. Nothing much interesting on teamspeak, excepting the futile attempt to contact me before and between rounds, as someone forgot to grant me voice priveliges inthe teamspeak channel we were using...
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          While it's unfortunate that the match was uneven, Stampede entered knowing the risks involved in having a commonly banned player on their roster.

          Also, I'd suggest trying to get servers decided upon and configured further in advance of the matches -- this seems to be a recurring issue.
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