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The end of Turf Wars III

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  • The end of Turf Wars III

    Mutants and Forsaken apparently have no interest in a fair and competitive tournament. Down to two teams, it really wouldn't be much of a tournament.

    Mockers and NLDW can split the victory, I suppose -- although "the two remaning teams who didn't cheat" isn't a great inscription for a trophy.

    Advice for any teams that want to try a trick like this in future tournaments -- make sure that the guy running the tournament doesn't have access to the forum where you discuss your devious plans.
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    Well done to the fair players.
    deserve victory


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      So, we gonna have a flamewar about how the Mockers finished with the most maps?
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        What can you say?
        A tournament of this size dosen't work without co-operation of the players.
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          Good gomes. I look forward to reading this thread in a weeks time when it's likely to full of nice things said about Mutants and Forsaken.

          This thread is prime breading ground for flames, annouce it, get your digs in and move on.
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            Go team! and gj nldw, i didn't think you would last as much as you did.
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              I don't know what to say or where to start.

              Machine I now know your not the only one to blame for this. This was something the entire TuF team came up with. You getting caught was just the catalyst for the rest of the information to come out. So to catch everyone up to what happened, here is the quick story.

              TuF came up with a plan to split their guild into two teams for this tournament. Phae, Broday and maybe Agga were aware too. They would work together, conspire, with their sights on M. That is completely within the rules of this tournament, yes. Is it fair? The problem with this is it is unfair to all other teams in the tournament.

              Their was discussion in their private forum of throwing matches to each other to optimize their chances of winning this tournament. Again this is within the rules of this tournament but is it fair?

              Then they crossed the line completely when they decided that they would share players. This then blurred the line completely between teams. This is when the true "TEAM" appeared. There wasn't a team Foresaken and Mutants. It was all just one team all along, TuF.

              Now I'm sitting here thinking about how certain people bitched and whined about M breaking Aquatone. At the time I found it amusing because at the time these same people used map hacks like on Spider which is almost as bad. These same people bitching and complaining about M, HAD CONSPIRED TO BREAK THE WHOLE FUCKING TOURNAMENT!

              After having read the posts that were made in their private forum its clear this was all done to beat M. What the hell happened to something even close to a fair game?!?

              Dragon I thought you had better judgement. Even after being caught you claimed this had more to do with Gabe not being able to play than trying to win at all costs. This doesn't pass the bullshit meter now that I know what you guys had planned and who you were targeting.

              Machine I thought you were smarter than this. It is one thing to bring a better strategy to the table and out play your opponent than what you pulled.

              Phae you always bitch and complain about exploits and then you encourage and conspire to break a whole tournament? If that isn't the climax of hypocrisy I don't know what is.

              Brody you think me banning Mach isn't fair? Brody you knew about this and as a voice of reason and honesty didn't say anything to stop it? You didn't try and make this a fair tournament?

              Agga WTF are you thinking being involved in something like this?

              For the rest of you on these teams. Great job on ruining the tournamet and then rather than gather up some pieces of your integrity and play on fairly you go and quit.

              All of you owe all of the people who played in this tournament your deepest apologies for wasting all of their time.

              As for me, I wish I could ban each and every last one of you but that is just my temper talking. I've lost a lot of respect and trust for all of you involved. Mach please remove my admin access to your TS. Brody you can remove me from THAB and I'll be removing all your access to my logs.

              Mach will be unbanned in a week.



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                Well *I* thought it was a good tourny. So there.

                Re-edited for granks post.
                I have no access to tuf forums (bar public and a private games one for ultima) so, make of that what you will.

                I had no knowledge of the play with mach switching for gabe, until I got back from (yet another) busy weekend, so again, dunno.
                I can't really say if I think it's right or wrong as it's done now I don't really carte, I wasn't involved in any planning, but again, I thought it was in the rules. Guess not eh.

                As for the tactic of playing off with mockers and forsaken, yes I did know there was some over-all plan, based off the loss of aquatone against m, not entirely sure as I again wasn't very involved in the whole, "I'm pissed at the way we lost" thing. As everyone knew, along with mach, phae, tuf etc etc
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                  Originally posted by Grank
                  You didn't try and make this a fair tournament?
                  It was obvious, that this tournament isn't going to be fair.
                  That is why I left, better than bitching or joining the "unfair" side.


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                    I'll just jump in and remind everyone of the Forum Rules. Discuss this all you want, just keep flames and personal insults out of the threads, and discuss like behaved adults (which basically means think twice before you hit that submit button).

                    Thank you.


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                      Brody played no part in this, he arranged servers for practice, tho he had access to the thread he had not the time (with 2 newborns to take care of) to understand exactly what was happening.

                      Please leave him out of this.

                      I'm happy to see that our private forums have been flashed about to just about everyone now, why not just post them here? Guess we deserve it though eh? I thought we had come to an agreement Wildbill.

                      Mutants do not equal TuF Mutants are TSG, CTG, TOB and TuF members combined. It was I who put the idea to them. If you want to blame somebody blame me. A win for Mutants would have been a win for all members involved, the alliance revealled and credit given.

                      On m2's post, I personally will not be replying to either of these threads, if you want to discuss or throw more insults, use the PM button.


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                        Originally posted by TheMachine
                        Brody played no part in this, he arranged servers for practice, tho he had access to the thread he had not the time (with 2 newborns to take care of) to understand exactly what was happening.
                        That and his command of Engrish! Joking Brodyman!
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                          I ve need to learn, that Decisions, done in the first Minutes of any Action, are too emotional. Emotions blind our Eyes.

                          I really only can hope, you will read the Thread again and again at any Time later, when you ve more Distance to it and then you will "see" Things different.

                          I tell you, i ve not noticed, any wrong goin on. I ve thought about it, since we ve just IMing on MSN today. I did remember a post in the Thread, i ve edited. I only hope, that ur Version of this Thread is old enuf, to see i tell u Truth:

                          Watch my posting on Sun Apr 24, 2005 8:34 am. I ve asked there, if i can enter a Team for the TW3, should again someone miss, i would be there to fill the Whole. Then i saw the Postings following me "i quit" " i quit" and so on, then i ve edited my Posting, cuz it was senseless and stupish now.

                          See what i mean? I really have not noticed, that any Wrong was goin on, Grank. I really and only can hope you will see that.

                          As for me i have no Reasons to lift any Access you have. Use the THAB or not, that is up to you. To have Problems and / or Mistalks to each other, does not mean to drop your Accesses, no. For me it does mean, to speak and clear about it.

                          That i am more interested.
                          Plz read the Threads again anytime and you will see, i ve not noticed those Things. I usually only reply on Things i have understood (or guess i have), only on those Things i can react.
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                            I don't owe an apology to anyone in this community Grank.


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                              Originally posted by TheMachine
                              I'm happy to see that our private forums have been flashed about to just about everyone now.