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    Lmao! You guys are all such dorks, but I love ya'll still anyway, seriously though we need to like set up a game, whether it be avp2 or something else, and kick serious noob butt!!


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      We have to chomp on Marines and Predators together before we can be friends/SO GAY. But I'll put my hand out so we can at least call a truce.

      Got my schedule for next week. I'll be around all day Wednesday and I'm off work at 4 pm this coming Saturday the 9th. I imagine you and Cat don't have days off during the week, though Cat did say her life was the internet, so I'm not really sure there.

      Does anybody else here have Alien vs. Predator 2? Maybe we could get a TUT mob going on TuF TS and overrun a server with all aliens? They'd never know what hit them


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        The TS server has a channel for it, I expect by early next week we'll more or less all have it, certainly we can have a Hamachi game between us, then certainly going online to school some randoms would be fun


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          What's a Hamachi game?


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            Mach's sig ftw

            .: Daymaster - Mockers Thievery Guild :.


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              I haven't been reading this post very well, have I?

              I resisted Teamspeak when I first started playing Thievery, and still do. But as far as playing Neverwinter Nights with my pals, I am saddened when the TuF TS server is down. I don't like to play without it.

              Ok..I downloaded it. If I'm never heard from again, it's because Hamachi is Japanese malware designed to pwn your computer.


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                No no, Hamachi is a small little program that makes a VPN between the people using it, so you can play games over a LAN over the internet. Very useful!

                TS should only be down on Friday Nights GMT, Chainsaws has a backup on which should be able to continue in it's stead.


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                  When it's active.
                  Lately, I find playing as a bunch of lowly marines to be the most invigorating fun in AVP2.
                  Other than that I'm especially partial to ripping out spines as a Predator.
                  Alien is my last choice I'm afraid, but hell if everyone is gonna gang up for a laugh should be good.
                  You should also look at getting the Projam mod and check that out.

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                  How TuF are you?
                  League of Legends
                  Bloodbowl by Extensions


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                    Ok..well I've got all of Wednesday free and I'm off work at 4 pm on Saturday (Pacific Standard Time). I've got Hamachi installed, I need a password, and we still haven't set a day yet to do this.

                    Agg, I'm just the opposite. I hate the Marines and their motion trackers. I'll waste 3 lives going after a Marine with a rocket launcher who simply aims it at the ground whenever there's trouble. It gives me great satisfaction to rip those trigger-monkeys to bits.

                    That being said, they absolutely own the level with the forge press thing. It's all narrow tunnels so I see them bunch up in one tunnel where they only have to decide which way to shoot down the tunnel. When you've got a motion tracker and three buddies in a tunnel, its easy to take down anyone coming down a narrow hall.

                    I think the predators are the coolest, but I just take too long messing with their vision, recharge,cloak, healing and trying to figure out which weapon will actually work when I pull the trigger.

                    Aliens are pretty simple. Jump and rippity-rip, and if you have time to heal, chomp a head off of the recent kill. My favorite is the runner, cuz it's so fast. My record frags is 75 in one game with that breed, where I don't even get half that with any other class (Marine, Predator or Alien).

                    What I haven't figured out is why every other player who plays the Alien runner is able to pounce about twice as far as me. They leap really high in the air AND go forward a great deal. I'm missing some sort of combo there.

                    Hrm...I just realized this isn't a TOB thread anymore. Perhaps we should start an AVP2 thread and continue there?


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                      Hi my peeps! Love to all my mates

                      Oh and Spidy, the ToB forums are actually still up for some reason!

                      Too bad I don't have AvP2.
                      You can check out anytime you like, but you can NEVER leave.


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                        Well color me confused. I cancelled it about a month ago and have seen it changed to a lame generic site that claims to satisfy my need for all things endarkend that my consumer heart may desire, and at the lowest prices. It appears somebody has brought it back...

                        Regarding AvP2, I haven't had a response for Wednesday, so I probably will be playing Neverwinter Nights instead with some friends.
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                          Hello S1K!

                          Not sure what happened Spider, but the account seems active again. I know it was off, and that going there resulted in generic webpage, but just checked- even has some new posts from members and bots alike.
                          Give some taffer fire, and you'll keep him warm for the night with one less reason to cause trouble for the master.
                          Set a taffer on fire, and he will be warm for the rest of his life, and have no need to bother the master.


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                            S1K AVP2 is like 10 dollars right now lol anywho, Spidy, I'm up for a game whenever...

                            My record frag score in 30 minutes with about 15 players is 131... with a predalien, yeah the slow ones, I like 'em because they jump much further and have a stronger pounce I aim where the person is going to be and rarely miss.


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                              so predaliens jump further than runner aliens?


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                                Friday night we're having a AVP, Sniper Elite etc... evening Thats the next time me and Fix are on at least. Check our forums for details.