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    Arrr! I'm closing tomorrow night. I won't be home til 9:30 pm PST. I'll find out after work if you guys are still on AVP. I'll check the TuF forums then. Guess that means I'll have to sign up.

    I still need a password for that Hamtaro thingamajiggy.


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      Well, it's 10 pm here and it looks like Mach!ne and Agg are in the Teamspeak Sleeping Hall. Together

      I'm guessing I missed whatever gameage was on tonight, so I guess I'll have to pounce and leap without you guys.


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        I'm been caught up playing diablo 2 with my brother so i didn't play much avp2 obviously, so what's up???


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          Yeah sorry guys, we are normally around 6->midnight GMT on weekdays, later (2am) on weekends. It could be that the timezones that separate us are too extreme or are just too inconvenient. I know I tend to play in the evenings only, if you guys are the same we may never see each other!



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            I did play some AVP with fix and brother on Friday, but was not around late.

            It's ready to go anytime you see me active (excusing having to finish whatever game im in).

            You're mistaken about me loving marines, my favourite is by far the predator. I tend to cloak, switch to melee (typically a spear) and hunt aliens solely using the corresponding vision. Was just that lately I was getting a kick from playing the bug hunting "monkies" heh.
            I had a blast with my brother playing paired aliens too (some human players seems to be botting unfortunately.) catching the sniping bastards off guard with two way tactics.

            If we can get some more regular players, I'd be willing to host a Projam Mod server on a semi permanent basis.
            How TuF are you?
            League of Legends
            Bloodbowl by Extensions


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              As an alien, especially predalien, believe it or not I love playing against snipers, GOOD snipers, not noobs, because if they're good then it's an actual challenge! I love playing as a pred also, my first avp2 clan was a predator clan, those guys made me into my badass avp2 player that I am


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                I'll look at my schedule for my next days off tomorrow and try to figure out a good day. I'm on GMT -8 hours. What about the rest of the interested AvP2 players?

                I'm kinda torn between the Predalien and the Runner breed. The Predalien has to sort of stoop to claw their enemies, but they do seem to leap MUCH further than the runners. They just move slower when they're not jumping.

                I've played the survival mode, which is kinda fun. Stay alive as a marine and run to the chicken coop with the others and try to be the last one to die or get turned into an alien.

                I've played life-cycle stuff too. It's fun taking people down as a face-hugger, but it's a real bummer having to go back to face hugger after having like 10 seconds as a mature alien. I do much better as a face-hugger though


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                  I'm off Monday and Tuesday. One of those days I'll be playing Neverwinter Nights, but probably won't play very late. Maybe I can stay up killer late one of those nights and play with the UK? I just need to figure out the time difference and when you guys would be on.


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                    We're GMT at the moment so you should be able to work out the -Hours.

                    I'll be around this evening.


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                      doh! I saw Agg on tonight but I didnt see you Machine. He told me about Immortius's old NWN mod, so I ended up playing Genesis. I still haven't found the damn flint rocks. I killed a rooster with my bare hands!


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                        I probably set flint to appear on a hill or something.
                        Immortius' Forge


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                          I checked on top of the hill cuz there's big stones up there, but so far no luck. I've got quite the collection of stems and other oddities, but I go to the monolith and it still tells me my collection is pathetic. I've got some cherry bushes going and I started a few Eucalyptus trees. I've never had so much fun avoiding starvation before


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                            Originally posted by SPIDER View Post
                            ...I go to the monolith and it still tells me my collection is pathetic...
                            Yeah, I'm pretty demanding

                            Originally posted by SPIDER View Post
                            ...and I started a few Eucalyptus trees. I've never had so much fun avoiding starvation before
                            Try shapeshifting to a koala and you'll find that the eucalyptus leaves give you leet buffs!!
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                            Mono's wife: "What if they are mute?"
                            Yenz: "There are internationally recognized hand signals for 'stop killing me you bastard!'"


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                              Originally posted by SPIDER View Post
                              We have to chomp on Marines and Predators together before we can be friends/SO GAY. But I'll put my hand out so we can at least call a truce.

                              Got my schedule for next week. I'll be around all day Wednesday and I'm off work at 4 pm this coming Saturday the 9th. I imagine you and Cat don't have days off during the week, though Cat did say her life was the internet, so I'm not really sure there.

                              Does anybody else here have Alien vs. Predator 2? Maybe we could get a TUT mob going on TuF TS and overrun a server with all aliens? They'd never know what hit them

                              YES,LET'S DO THAT,IT WOULD BE GREAT!!


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                                ToB LIVES!!!

                                sorry guys I moved to FL and have been out of the thievery scene for a while. If anyone wants to get in touch the quickest way is prolly though myspace... yeah i know but the gf likes it and well... you know I would be foolish to resist