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FAG Vs RLF/Wraiths, Turf-Wars match results

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  • FAG Vs RLF/Wraiths, Turf-Wars match results

    Ok, I should probably get this out of the way since Bill is nagging me to get it done, even though it has taken him 1/2-a-week to pass me his synopsis of the match.


    Date: Sunday 2nd March
    Location: CTG Practice Server

    FAG: The_Dan, Jocke, JACKdaCAT


    RLF: Mad_Gerbil, Beowulf, Slappy
    Wraiths: DarkBill, Tamias, ShadowThief

    Maps at Stake: Challenge made for Asylum, with Gerome as Tiebreaker

    Result: 2:1 win to RLF/Wraiths

    Detailed Match Description (OK, maybe a bit too detailed):

    Round 1: FAG (guard) Vs Wraiths (Thief) on Asylum
    FAG quickly get their act together & secure body (in Spiders Cell). All AI are rounded up & brought to cell, providing a formidable defence. Meanwhile, the Wraiths take advantage of the fact that the rest of the map is unguarded & complete the other two objectives. By the time they are ready to assault body, the cell has been fully secured with traps & AI.

    & just when things looked like they were about to get exciting...server crash!
    No score, round is rendered Null & Void.

    Round 2:FAG (guard) Vs Wraiths (Thief) on Asylum
    Hoping to repeat last rounds performance, FAG again begin to round up AI. But this time, the Wraiths perform any immediate attack on the body & manage to escape in the unexpected confusion. Within a minute, all other objectives are completed & FAG guards head to exit. However, the balance of the round had already been swung & the Wraiths easily slipped through.

    RLF/Wraiths win one round via objectives

    Round 3:FAG (Thief) Vs RLF (Guard) on Asylum
    A similar tactic is attempted by the FAGs & this time, but instead thieves tried to keep the cell secure while they grouped together in the vents (killing the Doctor on the way). Jocke had already managed to snipe a few AI early on in the match, but RLF did an impressive job of regaining control of the match. My attempt to capture the body was foiled, by a vent-guard (I can't remember who, but I could probably place a safe bet on his identity). Jocke managed to successfully recapture the body & get it to the exit.
    At this point, I can't remember what me & Jack were doing but Jocke managed to get the majorityof the vaccines before getting near the cells. I recaptured the dropped vaccines but was then killed in Crematorium (approx 5 metres from the exit). The two remaining guards immediately pounced on the vaccines & there was only Jack remaining as a thief. However, since both guards were in the same place, Jack managed to Flashbomb them & quickly nipped out with the vaccines.

    A close one but FAG win one round via objectives

    Round 4: FAG (Thief) Vs RLF (Guard) on Gerome
    The round was briefly delayed by troubles I was having with my soundcard & everyone restarting Thievery to get rid of the Asylum sky-bug.
    FAG try to take early control with a few AI-knockouts, but RLF quickly manage to cram the remaining AI into the evidence room. At this point, FAG attempt an agressive attack on the evidence room, but succeed only in controlling the corridors outside it (which was at least in pure darkness, due to all torches being dowsed). RLF wisely refuse to leave the evidence room, after realising that the outside torches weren't worth relighting, & FAG were unable to get anywhere. I grabbed all the loot, but all evidence attacks were failed & the thief team was wiped out.
    Note: FAG had 2 disconnects during this round (me & Jocke), although I doubt that the extra lives would've provided any greater chance of getting through the room.

    RLF win the round via thief elimination

    & so with 2 RLF/Wraith wins Vs 1 FAG win, RLF/Wraiths win the match.
    It was an enjoyable game & all players involved were impeccably good sports.

    Thanks to CTG for hosting the match, & to RLF/Wraiths for not bombarding us with "RLF ownz u" crap after the match.

    (& Bill said that it would only take me 5mins to write this up, :? )

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    That server crash sucks! It's like what happened to TCO during Grange. Ugh. :|


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      One of the FAG players wasn't able to show, so with the permission of both the teams, I was allowed to be the FAG spectator for the match. It truly was an exciting match to see. The Wraiths coordination in Asylum was astounding, even in the round that had to be nullified, and FAG was truly effective at clearing out the cell the body was in when they thieved that map.

      The round on Gerome was pretty impressive, too. FAG had RLF cowering in the library and afraid to come out! Unfortunately, fear doesn't win a round, and the match went to RLF/Wraiths.

      As a side note on the crash and the DC's, I'm going to be going over the TurfWars rules revision thread and pulling everything in there together for an email to be sent to the guild leaders, hopefully by this weekend. Each new inclusion will be voted on separately.

      We also have a suspicion what might be causing some of the crashing on the Crackaz server, and hope to be able to check that out by this weekend, too.


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        Sounds like a good game for all that were there.

        ummm... that is all.