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    Since the guys from MbR are cowards, We have decided to challenge the TomCats who have cheerfully accepted it.

    This thread is here to come to reasonable rules and date/times of the macthes we will play.

    Another thing is that We, the remnants of CTG are in low numbers and invite anyone who hasn't been evicted (if you've left voluntarily you're IN) from CTG to take part in these friendly matches.

    And yes here is the promotional picture

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    We accepted, though I still need opinion from other members. Additionally, I have to know who will be able to play, then we shall start to fix a certain date of the match.

    What's more we should think of some rules which would control the game, like no stacking.


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      Sorry guys, but I haven't got time for that, last year at uni - lots of work to do .

      Have fun tho, good luck to my teammates ( alda my veins won't hurt I promise - an inside joke )
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        *polishes blackjack*
        The only constant is change.
        (And I wouldn't have it any other way.)


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          For reference:

          FatRatHead called MBR cowards in reference to this:

          Alex threw a wobbly, and there was much said by a bunch of people that should have been in PMs.

          Originally posted by FatRatHead
          May I humbly ask when any Mod encounters this, she/he removes the last few useless posts? Thank you.
          Done. No action has been taken against anybody, yet. If anyone pollutes this thread by dragging the matter up publicly again, there will be infraction points and temp bans.


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            If you want to try again, in a different thread, and play nice, go right ahead. Anymore garbage posts on the forum, you will be issued points. Heed the warning. Go beat the crap out of one another on the server, not on the forum. Thread closed.