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  • Hi There

    I'd just like to introduce myself, you've probably seen me in-game if you play often.
    anyway, I have recently figured out ut + ut2k3 mapping and am amazed by it, in the past I have made many half life maps but not released them due to restraints of the half life engine, I still work on half life maps in hope to actually release them for the public to enjoy aswell as making a name for myself in the mapping community.

    Here are some samples of my current half life maps:

    I am also working on 'GitM' (Ghost in the Machine) A singleplayer mod for deus ex and I am perfecting my ut mapping skills

    I hope to soon start a map for thievery as I have been a big fan of the thief games and completely drool over thievery for it's Identical capture of them into a multiplayer form.

    Anyway, thats all...

    See you in-game[/img]

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    Me too....i like you just started thievery and whatnot....and I have use the dark engine(dromed) for thief for a long time and made many FM's most which had no relation to thief thus almost being TCFM's.....and i am going to start doing some mapping and possible model uhh Welcome!
    thats me!---------->


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      Welcome Soul.
      Good lookin' HL-maps.

      * kicks Soul in the butt *

      Now, fire up UED and get started. Move it, move it!!


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        Nice looking work.

        Welcome to Thievery!