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  • Want to collaborate with somebody

    Preferably someone who has already finished a Thievery map. I am still in love with the concept behind my map Pagans, but I seem to lack the right mindset to actually complete the thing. I keep running into stumbling blocks, starting over and just getting bogged down in perfectionist details. It would be nice if I could get help from someone who knows how to actually get the thing done, and perhaps has a better understanding and how to make it work with this crazy concepts I am trying to implement.

    Basically with this map I am trying to pay homage to Thief's 'The Sword' map, using that crazy pagan style. The map centers around a massive and labyrinthine fortress, most likely a giant tree, in the middle of a deep forest. The interior of this fortress is mazelike and uses as many tricks as we can come up with, including the use of at least a few Warp Zones, strategically placed so as not to interfere with the functioning of bots.

    So yeah, I was thinking if anyone is interested in collaborating on this we could email it back and forth to each other to keep it going until it gets finished and is awesome.

    Anyway, if you're interested, my IM info is in my profile.

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    You can find the most recent incarnation of TH-Pagans here: