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  • Make AI Turn Lights On!

    I just posted this in the thread about the AI skill level, & though I should probably mention it here, since the mappers need to know this, not the players:

    You can make bots turn lights back on, the map just has to be set-up so that bots will pay attention to light switches. I achieved it in my map, with a SuspiciousThing & a single Trigger:

    -Place both the SuspiciousThing & the Trigger on the light switch

    -Set the InitialState of the trigger to OtherTriggerToggles

    -Give both the SuspiciousThing & the Trigger a tag equal to the event of the light switch

    -Set the event of the Trigger to the tag of the light switch (the lightswitch must have "bTriggerCausesFrob = True")

    -Set the Trigger to be activated by ClassProximity & use TGuard as the class

    -If the light is initially switched on, then set the SuspiciousThing & the Trigger to be initially deactivated, or vice versa

    -Voila, bots will now turn on any lights if they can see the switch

    I really suggest that someone puts this in the next version of Aquatone, maybe just for the corridor lights, it makes them a lot more convincing.

    The above solution is missing a few minor details (eg. the collision cylinder of the Trigger, properties of SuspiciousThing) which I assume all you talented mappers would figure out anyway