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Thieves unable to kill guard AI

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  • Thieves unable to kill guard AI

    How to make thieves unable to kill guard AI?

    I want to limit DMing on my Thieves vs. Guards server. So far I have removed sword and broadhead arrows for thieves from shop and put Keg's ThAntiDM mutator but it sucks because it also changed guards bolt damage so I'm planning to remove it from the server.

    Now I want to limit DMing in a different way by making thieves unable to kill AI. Agnar's idea is to give AI 100.000 HP but I'm not sure if it's a good solution. If I'm not mistaken human guards might take over HP from guard AI. But one thing is clear that we need to make a mutator because we can't change it in server options.

    By the way who was that stupid to devise backshoots so AI can be killed with one arrow? In my opinion it's the most stupid thing in Thievey. I'm surprised that no one had idea to make an option to turn it off/on. You know "Granked"...

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    admin login
    admin set thieverymod.thguard binvulnerable True

    Easiest way to try and see if guards will inherit as they take over the AI.

    (Code may not be quite right, it might be thieveryai.thguard).

    Oh and do it before anyone joins any team just as a precaution.


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      bandit one of the biggest DM'ers wants to limit dming??? LOL, i realised that mut was bugged a few days after i released it but as noone ever cared to test most of them and the main thing i got were complaints for anthing i ever tried to make then i couldn't be arsed to fix it, they were only ever test's to see how things worked. oh and the stupid 1 shot kill ai was not a bad thing imo, its only bad because certain thieves abuse the hell out of it. you loved playing like that for years, why force others not to... i dont know ut99 code anymore, maybe you could just change the broadheads to do 30 damage rather then the ranged arrow i used... if you wish for a mutator that does not exsist the only way is normally to learn how to uscript.. take the code i used and try and change it.. iv still got it if you want it but you can get it from the .u file easy
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        I think they want to do their own stuff Keg, since nobody is qualified to keep up with their high standards of buggy patchwork solutions

        Who cares kegs mutator is working or not. It was meant as some sort of experiment - nothing more and nothing less

        Keg has already said it all so no need to blame him or on the mutator for not working.

        Originally posted by keg View Post
        not rly, i doubt anyone will ever use any of them, im just playing, someone may find one useful oneday.. you never know
        Originally posted by keg View Post
        i would consider it a reasonable suggestion, but in the end it would be my choice if it happens, same as it would be server admins choice to use any of these mutators, im just adding the option to be able to do things. im not saying "here use this, the game carnt be played without it!"
        And last but not least
        Originally posted by keg View Post
        some people are never happy
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