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    How do you make a trigger in TUT, i follow a UT tutorial and it did not work. Is there something special to do in TUT so the trigger work with the TH-Players... ?
    I'm a dum noob here help me
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    I've only just noticed this thread, what sort of trigger are you trying to create?


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      No. Normal UT triggers work in TUT.
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        WOOT a reply... wait *2* hehe
        OK, i'm just starting to mess around with the Ed so i was trying some suff with proximity triggers.....did not seems to work.

        i have a trigger and a special even (link with the same "even" key word).
        the trigger type is set at : tt_anyproximity....i move inside sound, why ??
        Thx for the reply
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          heres two things that I always forget to do when making a triggered sound:

          1. under the Special Events object menu is InitialState. Make sure this is set to "PlaySoundEffect"

          2. Make sure the sound effect is under the special events section of the special events properties where it says "Sound". Dont put it in the Sound section, the section that has the sound radius, volume, ect (I know that paragraph was confusing)
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