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  • some mutators

    Heyy I would like to introduce you to my 2 mutators, I have described them at Tomcats forums:

    I'd really like someone to see into my request about the skins.

    And I wish to present a mutator that is still in development (but has its crucial features already working). It is described here:

    The stats can be browsed at my website:
    For now these are just to present it working, not really up-to-date.

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    Heyy Przemek! Masz teleskop?


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      nice ideas, i even made a very similar blood covered skins mut a long time ago ^^ the crossbow fix is good also, but i hope you checked to see you havnt reenabled the expliot that lets you shoot faster?
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        Originally posted by Keggie View Post
        i hope you checked to see you havnt reenabled the expliot that lets you shoot faster?
        I believe I haven't. How did it work?


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          Ask FRH for it. He exploited it a lot. :]



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            His fix is pretty simple and perfectly compatible with all the promod changes, so it should be fine. Przemek557, if I end up modifying the crossbow in the future is it ok if I port your changes into it as well?
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              sure thing


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                The machine xbow exploit was achieved by switching to crossbow, shooting, then switching to no weapon and back to xbow as quickly as possible. It would then be reloaded and able to shoot again instantly.

                Looks like a solid xbow fix, and broad stat selection too. Guards becoming bloodied through the round is a nice touch. Good job!
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                  Update: Fixed .u file for blood skins
                  fixes a bug causing guard bodies become green if they are placed by mappers (such as the guy in Asylum's Laundry)