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3ds max- use or no?

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  • 3ds max- use or no?

    i have a map that is all outdoors and has a LOT of vertex editing. I'm getting a lot of bsp holes and having some trouble making it and i was wondering what are teh advantages/disadvantages of making it in 3ds max and importing it into UED.
    also i was wondering how hard it is to learn to make a map in 3dsmax....

    i thik it was fingers who made his map in 3dsmax so maybe he can help
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    i think it was fingers who made his map in 3dsmax so maybe he can help

    i have one massive bps error at the bottom of my mountain...
    but nobody can see that anymore...

    unfortunatly i created this mountain about a year and a half ago and gave up on it because of that error...

    and i dont remember how to import from 3dstudio max
    i read a tutorial somewhere... i will try to dig that up...

    as long as you are not creating a big island with water the rest of it should be fine... becuase the bottom of any terrain you create will be open and water zone had a big issue with that...

    have you ever used terra edit..?... if not you might want to give that a shot..
    i created a bunch of badlands style outdoor scenes for unrealbadlands and it seems to be the best tool sofar....

    what program did orgy use to create those new lost city style screenshots...?
    and who created the ancient city map.. those cliffs looke the 3d max..

    wish i could help ya more.. but its been a year since i have been mapping..
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      I just used terrain brushes and a lot of careful vertex editing for the mountains in th-soulsharbor. They turned out fine.
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        terrain brushes are good, but the key word is "careful"

        i wanna see the new unrealed that terrain editor looks killer..
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          for my next map Im importing a big piece for the landscape, Im using Truespace so Im not sure about Max, I dont seem to have any errors at all from previous experiments with landscape pieces, the tree and the water wheel in Th-CountryAbode was modeled in Truespace and the tree had lots of errors, but eventually fixed that by moving points around and nudging the tree and rebuilding

          if you want to import a piece gotta remember that if youre exporting to .dfx that you have to triangulate all your polygons so the poly count is going to at least double
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            tx for the help. i need it for the trail of blood remake (if you ever played it)

            i used terrain edit for the first room and that was fine but now i'm having a lot of errors and stuff so i wanna try somethign else...

            the terrain editor in UED 3.0 is freakin AWSOME!...but i don't think you can import terrain build on it into UED 2.0 ....but you can try and tell us teh results !
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              Trail of Blood remake? For TUT? I hope it doesn't turn out like Bafford's Mannor. If my memory serves me, Trail of Blood was extremely linear -- you just follow a trail. That will kill any sort of multiplayer action.

              Don't forget Maya when looking for a 3D program. Maya 4.0 and later have great tools for game modelers! Really advanced vertex editing tools. You can get a free demo of the $7000 program here: If you look around some, you can get the full software. (Make sure you look for Unlimited, as it has boolean operations for polygons and nurbs.) Hey!, you ain't George Lucas making a multi-million dollar film, it's all good!
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                Word. Useful.

                My problems with mapping: BSP holes.

                Ya know those annoying things tahat you can see off the map through? I don't know any jargon, but BSP has something to do with it.

                I can't find out how to use the BSP editor ANYWHERE! BLAR!
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