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  • Th-HaxersEstate

    Hello everyone,
    People who are active TUT players already know this level (it's been on my server for weeks), but I wanted to leave it here as well.

    Level info:
    I started mapping this level on 24th of March. I have never been so devoted to any work (I actually skipped one night, and put mapping over sleeping), a few days later 80% was finished, and we had a test version on the server . It is a small map designed for 2v2 (it gets harder for thieves in 1v2 and 2v3), I'm not going to describe how it looks like, for you have to see it on your own, just going to add that I'm looking forward to making another levels. This map could be just a start of a serie. It is placed somewhere in Castille (Spain) - not that it matters, but I can already tell you there is a second map in progress (40%), held in Paris suburbs (it is also mansion style). We will see how far I can travel with next maps xD.

    The map is currently known under its code-name TH-DEV_001_018, it will become Th-HaxersEstate the moment I decide the current version is final.

    2 screenshots of the level (they were taken at very early stage, but I don't think anything changed in there):
    Steam Screenshot 1
    Steam Screenshot 2

    Gameplay details:
    Thieves have 3 lives, guards have 7. There are 2 houses, one of them (north) is a bit larger and holds more loot. It is enough to loot just the north house, you will find some loot missing if you loot just the south house. Loot is predictable and easy to remember - there is no random loot. There is also a bit of loot near the fountain (24). Exit is fairly easy, but gives a chance for guards to stop thieves if they are given time to prepare.
    I have also made an attempt to make DM harder: bots have 175 HP (instead of 125) - a single arrow from behind will still kill them if they are unaware (179 dmg), but DM-like combinations of 2 arrows from behind + 1 front arrow won't do (59 + 59 + 29 = 147). It will also take more sword hits to kill such guards. In the latest version, I have added another guard, who is patrolling outside - he is supposed to be a free kill for thieves, but guards can save him if they hurry.
    Additionally, all items that are not useful, are unfrobbable - only loot, items, and crates are allowed to be carried. It is designed to make stacking harder, but also to make it easier for thieves to loot (for instance, the food in the kitchen - you can just spam frob bind and pickup everything, while not taking care about picking up knife, cutting board and other useless stuff by accident).
    The background music has been placed as an ambient, which means you cannot adjust its volume. Don't worry, the ambient is quiet and calm - not like the one on DE.

    There is a secret on the level, that gives thieves a slight advantage (they are awarded with a powerful item). It won't be so secret for too long, because it is really worth making use of it, but I won't say anything more about it anyway .

    Link to the current version of the level:

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    Call me if you need help with creating a sketchmap, I got some exp with it .

    Ps. nice work, I like it
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      new maps? awesome sauce


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        Unfortunately everything is down and has been for a few days now, I've missed Brody and co on the severs as well, Bis zum nنchsten Mal!

        This new map is awesome Haxer, with player count it scales very well and remains balanced, I'm looking forward to having epic matches on it.