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    I have set up two patrol routes in a test map I'm doing, named them etc. I have one bot starting on a route and she patrols np.

    The trouble is, I can't get any guards ingame to go to those routes and start patrolling from frobbing them. I've put it into AIDebug mode and from the logs spewing onto the screen, they just don't appear to be hearing my order.

    They stop and wait for instruction and when I tell them to patrol a route they just repeat the "Yes?" line again and then go back to what they were doing. I'm not gettting any "Can't reach destination" messages or anything. One guard is guarding about 128 units away from the patrol route I'm telling her to go to but she ignores me.

    So I loaded up TH-Spider as people in this forum were saying that it was da bomb as far as pathing was concerned and the same thing happened in that level too (at least when it is run from UnrealEd I haven't tried it launching it on it's own)

    Any ideas? Have I missed something? Did 1.4 break something?

    I've followed the AI Tutorial but it doesn't say much about controlling guards in game (except in reference to naming your patrol route)

    All help is appreciated.

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    Cannot provide much help, but I have been having the same problem too. If you can get them to patrol from the start, I think you are doing everthing right. I tried Spider in normal single player mode and the problem did appear there too. I have not tried it in multiplayer yet. I would suspect its a problem in 1.4. The map I am working used to work fine, but after 1.4 (cannot remeber if I tried with 1.3) the problem started. The other commands work, just not patrol. They do not seem to get the command as you described.
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      Issueing patrol orders in any map in 1.4 is b0rked.
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        And to think of all the hours I have spent over the last couple of days trying to get this to work!

        I should have posted here earlier.

        I'll leave it then until I hear it's been fixed.


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          I'm confused now.....

          I've got the opposite problem: works fine to issuing orders, but they won't patrol from the start!

          A little light please?
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