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neutral guards?

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  • neutral guards?

    i've got some plans for a citymap with patrolling guards.
    is there any possibility that guards on the street don't attack you when they see you?

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    OK, firstly I suspect that you want a situation slightly more complicated than the one that you describe, or I could always be wrong.

    To achieve the affect you want, just set the following property for the guards (found under the Tbot branch):

    AttitudeToPlayerClass[0] = ETAT_Ignore

    However, is that gonna be a permanent feature of the map: guards ignore the thieves? Sounds a bit boring

    Please mention the circumstances under which guards would be motivated to do something, & I'll try to give a more useful reply.


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      I remember Joel once coded some 'friendly zone' feature into his AI, where guards in that area wouldn't attack the thieves until the they did something wrong, i.e. be spotted in some mansion where they shouldn't be or attack someone.


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        yes, that's it !
        @ The_Dan : no, it won't be a feature everywhere in the map, just think of some thief (II) maps.

        it's a town with a harbour and a main street (with some people walking around), from which several streets lead into backalleys and smaller streets, where you can break into houses - most guards are on the mainstreet, some in the backalleys and some in the houses.
        you're ignored by the guards unless they watch you doing anything 'thievish'


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          I thought so

          Points to Consider:

          1. If guard X sees you being thiefy, will the rest of the guard force react agressively towards you?

          2. If guard X is killed/KO-ed by you, are the rest of the guard force gonna attack you (specifically) on sight, or will they just be extra vigilent?

          3. Is guard X gonna remember the fact that he saw you (specifically) being thiefy, should you cross pathes a second time (ie. escaped the first time) ?


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            well, good questions.

            1. if guard X sees you, you shouldn't be haunted by the whole guard force.

            2. as #1, but all guards much more vigilant, and if they should see you killing someone, they'll attack you, of course

            3. hmm, don't know, it depends on how (or if at all) this can be realised, but it would be a nice feature


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              Once any guard 'busts' you, you're attacked by all guards on that team from that point on. If your teammate gets busted but you don't, then you will remain unharmed by the guards.

              There are some issues remaining with the code used for all this that I have been aware of since implementation, but they were relegated to the bottom of the Todo list because it was an unused feature. The issues aren't major though, so at this point in time you can add "Friendly Zones" to your maps and they will work as expected.

              If someone does end up using them, then I'll try to fix the issues for the next patch.

              From a gameplay perspective, the only way I can see this being implemented into a GvT map is if there were a 3rd team of NPC guards that guarded a mansion perhaps? Or spiders that were only aggressive if you were in their lair. This NPC team would ignore both thieves and guards players and NPCs, unless they entered the 3rd team's mansion/lair. It could provide a nice side-objective for both teams to get into this mansion, and the rewards could be items or somesuch.

              I think I've got some docs lying around that explain how to set up these friendly zones... gimme a couple of days to find them and I'll make them public.
              AI Programmer,
              Thievery UT


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                thanx so far


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                  I really think the city watch in bourgeious should be made friendly towards you if your on the streets.
                  Or is that just me? I mean... Does the city watch just attack any person walking around at the streets at night?


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                    only people as ugly as the thieves are.
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