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UTMake UnrealScript development tool available

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  • UTMake UnrealScript development tool available

    I created a tool to help automate the sometimes tedious task of UnrealScript development. If you are developing US and running both a client and a dedicated server this script is for you.

    Tasks automated
    • * Backs up existing .U file for desired package
      * Runs UCC compiler
      * Rolls back .U file in the event of compile failure
      * If compile is successful, synchronizes .U (and .INT if necessary) files between client and server
      * Starts dedicated server on remote machine
      * Starts UT client and automatically connects to server
      * Stops remote server when finished
    Client requirements
    Windows 2000 or greater (or Windows NT 4.0 with WMI installed)
    ActiveState ActivePerl

    Server requirements
    Windows 2000 or greater (or Windows NT 4.0 with WMI installed)

    Syntax --remote=hostname
    [ --clientparams="parameters" ]
    [ --serverparams="parameters" ]
    [ --inifile=file ]

    remote - Host name of remote server
    serverapp - Executable to run on remote server
    clientapp - Executable to run on local machine
    package - Name of package to synchronize between client and server
    serverparams - (Optional) Parameters to pass to remote program
    clientparams - (Optional) Parameters to pass to local program
    inifile - (Optional) INI file to use for compile

    For example, to compile package "foo" for Thievery when your server happens to be named "trickster": --package=foo --ini=thaux.ini --remote=trickster --clientapp=thaux.exe --clientparams="-nolog INI=ThAux.ini USERINI=ThieveryUser.ini LOG=Thievery.log" --serverapp=thieveryserver.bat

    • * Client/server application names and INI files are relative to the UT System directory on the applicable machine
      * Client and server parameters MUST be enclosed in double quotes or they will be interpreted as parameters to the script itself
      * You cannot specify Thievery.exe as the client application. Thievery.exe is just a stub loader meaning its sole purpose is to invoke ThAux.exe with the above parameters (-nolog INI=ThAux.ini USERINI=ThieveryUser.ini LOG=Thievery.log) and immediately quit. This doesn't work well for because it waits for the client process to terminate before terminating the remote server. If you use Thievery.exe you end up terminating the server before the client is loaded.
    Download UTMake 0.1

    I included a batch file to help a bit more. In its default configuration, all you should need to modify is the server name. When tweaked to your liking you can just type "utmake packagename" where packagename is the name of the package to compile.

    Let me know if you have any questions or comments.

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    Nice contribuition Oie, I just wish I had the skills to use it. You should see if maybe TOB or The Shadow Guild would be interested in putting it up on their websites. They have a lot of files available for download.


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      I'd be happy to host if for you although I don't understand much of it

      Does it have instructions included in the .zip?
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